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File donation, not sharing

File donation, not sharing
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In real life, when you donate a book, record, admission tickets, coupons, painting, sculpture etc...to a third party, there is no stopping a person from making a replica before the items change hands. Whether the replica will serve the same purpose as the original is a different argument. In a file sharing situation, a file is not really shared because a replica is manufactured ( i.e copy and paste ). Sharing is defined as letting go of partial or complete possession momentarily. If you take sharing an item more "severely", it is almost like donation ( i.e cut and paste ) . NAPSTER is therefore copyandpaster not cutandpaster. Donation is like sharing "on steroid". Donation is a hard core sharing attitude and it scores 10 out of 10 on the altruism scale. So why not have a cutandpaster instead.
cocobk, Apr 15 2004


       Are you suggesting a system whereby you are unable to use/access the item (application/song etc) you've let someone borrow until they give it back?   

       Sounds similar to concurrent licences of software within a network, if 'network' is extended to 'the internet'.
benjamin, Apr 15 2004

       That scheme sounds similar to a licensing arrangement for a certain piece of pricey software at my last employer. The company had more engineers than software licenses. Every machine had the software installed, but only a certain number could log on to the validation server at any one time. Of course there were the engineers who would log on first thing in the morning, "just in case they needed it", and then not use it all day. After talking to management about it several times, I became resigned to sitting around twiddling my thumbs, charging to "computer down time" until a slot became available. I left the company before they solved the problem. How did they solve it? Did they get more licenses? Did they crack down on the "campers"? Nope, they laid off engineers until #engineers = #licenses. Of course productivity didn't increase, as the campers still camped, they just weren't inconveniencing those who needed to work anymore, so the complaints stopped.   

       Gotta love management logic.   

       [/end rant]
Freefall, Apr 15 2004


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