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Sell the right to press the button to the highest bidder
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That's button with a _little_ b as in demolishing a building, not big b as demolishing the Earth. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to blow up a building? Contribute the money to chairty or defray the demolition costs.
rantman, May 16 2000

Thermonuclear Spectacle http://www.halfbake...nuclear_20Spectacle
Big bids invited for this [Mickey the Fish, May 16 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Live webcasts of implosions http://www.implosionworld.com/implive.htm
Not quite the same, but cheerful nontheless. [jutta, Oct 17 2004]

Zip tower demolition, South Dakota, Dec 3 2005 http://www.arguslea...1102/NEWS/511020337
"In addition to offering VIP seating for the event, Zip City Partners also will hold a raffle to select one person to push the button that will start the demolition." [jutta, Nov 03 2005]

Sink the Yukon http://www.saintbre...napril00/news4.html
[normzone, Jan 10 2006]


       I might well shell out for something like this, but I'd want to either be present (at some safe remove, but still watching the building go down with my own eyes), or at the very least have _excellent_ video & audio feed. The mere knowledge that I was abstractly responsible for blowing up something would not be anywhere near as satisfying.
cosma, May 16 2000

       I'm sure there's a market here. True story:   

       Several years ago, I happened to be walking down the street past my old high school just as a demolition crew was setting up their wrecking ball. I had no idea the school was even closed. I seriously thought about offering the guy who operates the thing whatever I had in my wallet if he'd just take a break for a few minutes...   

       (I had endured a typical nerd adolescence in that building)
mab, May 16 2000

       So, in the case of demolishing an old school building, write to an alumni mailinglist and ask them to place a bid to blow up the building. The money can then be used to build a new one.
rrr, Sep 17 2000

       good idea. i would like to push a button. but how would you get the button to the person if they are in another country. perhaps a translatlantic light rail system to ship the button withing 3day so he or she could push it. wouldnt want to loose the american maket, they love to destroy things.
monty, Sep 17 2000

       What if the building turns out to be innocent?
thumbwax, Sep 17 2000

       This was publicly discussed for the demolition of the Kingdome sports arena in Seattle. The idea was scuttled, allegedly, for liability reasons.
bristolz, Oct 01 2000

       How about we blow up a building full of lawyers-other than mine and yours of course-and our relatives who are or work for lawyers. [Guilty on all counts myself]
thumbwax, Oct 02 2000

       Great. Or raffle it - give us little people a chance to indulge in destruction as well as the fat cats.
spacemoggy, May 18 2004

       as to spacemoggy and raffleing in my home town we hade a fraffle to decide who got to blow up an old feed mill it was 10$ to enter and about 10,000 people sined up to go to the people who where going to build there but then the peresed the butoin and the boms whent of the building dient go down all the way so they got to swing the wrecking ball the first time.
Jammer, Jan 10 2006

       This was baked in San Diego, where the winner was to detonate the explosives to sink a ship to add to our collection of scuba diving places.   

       The ship went down on it's own, ahead of scedule, with the crew rapidly abandoning ship. Military divers went down and pulled the explosives.
normzone, Jan 10 2006

       I remember watching my old university faculty being demolished, standing alongside another ex-student. He turned to me and said: "It's kind of sad to see the place being torn down, isn't it?"
My response: "Nope."
moomintroll, Jan 11 2006


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