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Utter, fiery destruction for things you don't like any more.
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A service which will pick up any hated or difficult-to-dispose-of items from your home, haul them off to an appropriately constructed facility, and summarily blow them to crap. You will have the satisfaction of witnessing their destruction, be permitted to gather souvenirs from the smoldering pile of slag afterwards, and be issued a video recording of the event.
Monkfish, Oct 24 2000

Bid-a-boom http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Bid-a-boom
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       There was once a franchise of shooting ranges in the state of Georgia (called The Bulletstop) that allowed customers to do something similar. These places were stocked with dozens of makes of automatic weapons from almost every country imagineable, and customers were allowed to rent these to blow away just about anything imagineable (as long as it wasn't alive). They'd usually even clean up the mess afterwards.   

       (My favorite weapon was the big old Thompson submachine gun like the ones the Chicago gangsters used in the 1930s, or one of the Uzis or automatic shotguns when it wasn't available.)   

       Customers could blast away at poster-sized targets of Khomeini, Khaddafy, and Saddam Hussein, as well as other nefarious villains (Al Capone, John Dillinger, Madonna) but many of them brought their own targets. These ranged from pictures of ex-wives to toasters and other broken appliances.   

       The weirdest (but funniest) thing I saw there was this huge redneck-type galoot who brought down a 40" big screen TV that hadn't worked in 2 years. He plugged in, and it showed a perfect picture of the Monday Night Football game that was playing that night. Instead of taking the thing home again and calling his cable repair tech, the guy just completely came unglued, and he emptied about 200 rounds into the thing with about 10 different weapons. (Then he let us take pot shots at it as well....)   

       If utter, fiery destruction is anything like The Bulletstop, I'd like to be the guy who pushes the plunger! (BOOOOOOMMMM!!!)   

       Just like the guys from SCTV..... ( "He blowed up good!" " Yeah- he blowed up REAL GOOD!" )
BigThor, Oct 24 2000

       I know you'll hate this, PeterSealy, but do you have any links to these places? I've got an old computer that could use this treatment.
BigThor, Oct 25 2000

       I probably ought to kill this now, but I think that BigThor's story deserves a longer life.
Monkfish, Oct 27 2000

       Your idea sounds Irish.
RobEC, Oct 28 2000

       I believe this service is available at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and perhaps other major airports. Simply carry the item into the airport, set it down, and walk off without it. And they won't even charge you for the service! Unless they catch you.
beauxeault, Oct 28 2000

       Oh my God!! I want this job!
AfroAssault, Oct 30 2000

       If I could get to a place like this, I'd occasionally just bring in a box of something messy to see what would happen.
nick_n_uit, Nov 05 2000

       + Too cool. (I'd like to take my office there!)
xandram, Jul 09 2014


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