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Chain of high-street shops renting DVDs and selling cameras, CDs and records

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Over the last week in the UK, the last national chain of music shops has gone into administration, the only national chain of camera shops has gone into administration, and the only national chain of DVD rental shops has gone into administration. Obviously the profits from each of these three businesses wasn't sufficient to pay the rent on the shops and pay staff. So, logically, combining these three businesses into one will spread these overheads and allow these venerable bricks-and-mortar chains to continue.

Damn! - just realised I forgot about Comet.
hippo, Jan 16 2013


       Perhaps the better approach would be to have a generalised shopping experience where all sorts of retail purchasables are available under one roof.   

       Actually, maybe the thing is that super/hyper-markets need to rejig their branding to run along the lines of "Just like amazon but doesn't make your eyes ache if you stay in it for more than 40 minutes"
calum, Jan 16 2013

       //Perhaps the better approach would be to have a generalised shopping experience where all sorts of retail purchasables are available under one roof.// Interestingly, this is what John Lewis has been doing, rather sucessfully for the last 4 years or so.   

       [hippo] - it's probably less than topical today, but if you included pick-a-mix in your proposal, you might be able to cover the gap left behind by Woolworths as well.
zen_tom, Jan 16 2013

       As an American I find it vaguely foreboding that 'administration' is UK for 'bankruptcy.'
RayfordSteele, Jan 16 2013

       Now you mention it, that is a bit euphemistic.
hippo, Jan 16 2013

       Great idea hippo, unfortunately I have no need for any of these. If they were relying on guys like me for business, they would still as you say "go into administration".
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       Sorry, but "administration" is not the same as bankruptcy. Administration is a term used to refer to the appointment of a professional firm that specialises in rationalisation and rescue of companies that are in financial trouble.   

       The next stage is Receivership, which is appointment of a company to collect the debts owing to a company, followed by disbursement of monies collected, the the company's creditors.   

       The final stage is Liquidation, which is the selloff of stock and assets of a company.   

       Bankruptcy is a term more commonly applied to personal financial insolvency, rather than corporate insolvency.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       You liquidated a roo. bad man
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       Its really too bad you guys don't have Walmart. Youre missing out!
bob, Jan 16 2013

       Someone should start a chain of high street shops specialising in the sale of insolvent high street shops.
calum, Jan 17 2013

       Meet [calum], professional parallax comedian.
theleopard, Jan 17 2013

       I'm not sure it is obvious that merging those businesses together would provide enough profit to cover overheads. Renting DVDs is a declining business because people can rent films via cable or illegally download them. I'm not sure about CD selling, but Amazon MP3 market and iTunes certainly are helping the business boom. As for selling cameras, there is no lack of chains offering them. [-]
PauloSargaco, Jan 17 2013

       Perhaps we simply need a "replace what's been lost" list that people could add to.
FlyingToaster, Jan 17 2013

       Move into the CBD (High Street) stores that have been vacated recently. There's a good chance they have fast internet so you can buy everything online and thereby hollow out the next layer of retailers, too.
UnaBubba, Jan 17 2013


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