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Big Bun is Watching...

Always watching...
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Still 50¢
Alterother, Oct 31 2013


       Clever costume this year. We like clever.
Alterother, Oct 31 2013

       Cleaver is better.
rcarty, Oct 31 2013

       Happy Halloween all.
blissmiss, Oct 31 2013

       Cleavers are better than beavers.
Alterother, Oct 31 2013

       [+] old style. Much cheaper than psychotherapy!
csea, Oct 31 2013

       Axe is to cleaver as beaver is to dams. Meanining axe is in the same damn family.   

       Axes cleave whereas a rapier does not but psycho the rapist does.
rcarty, Nov 01 2013

       Your daddy ain't your daddy but your daddy don't know...
UnaBubba, Nov 01 2013

       You yourself have left cleaves cleft.
rcarty, Nov 01 2013


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