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halfbakery halloween art exhibition

a display of all these great annual hb logos
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don't miss this one for 2011...

thanks [jutta] and happy halloween to everyone.

po, Oct 31 2011

http://www.halfbake...ditorial/logos.html [calum, Oct 31 2011]


       I was literally just about to start typing the title of an idea that was going to be marked for expiry... "Hats off to Jutta!"
xenzag, Oct 31 2011

       Yeah, it's a kraken one this year.
theleopard, Oct 31 2011

       // kraken // ? Reminds me of Cthulhu.
nineteenthly, Oct 31 2011

       love the mouse-over text.
Loris, Oct 31 2011

       Thanks, everybody! Loris motivated me to finally figure out why the popup help didn't show up in Chrome (apparently, the magic word is title=, not alt=.) Kudos to my photographer and lighting department, mab.
jutta, Oct 31 2011

       Thanks for the reminder - for various reasons, I generally view the Halfbakery in '/lr' mode, so don't see the logo.
hippo, Oct 31 2011

       Wonderful costume. Wonderful fun. A bun for jutta.
blissmiss, Oct 31 2011

lurch, Oct 31 2011

       [+] Especially good this year. Thank you.
mouseposture, Oct 31 2011

       I note that the octopus is a quadropus (sp?) Very appropriate to the halfbakery.   

       Brava, again, Jutta! +
csea, Oct 31 2011

       Are you sure that's an octopus? I think it may be one of the Great Old Ones.
mouseposture, Oct 31 2011

       Quadripus, I think. [Edit] Actually, it would be tesserapus. Or pentapus (see below).
spidermother, Oct 31 2011

       It only has four tentacles therefore I shall call it quattropus.
rcarty, Oct 31 2011

       Actually, there are five tentacles visible. (Half, I guess?) The two in the bodybuilder pose, the two that you see the underside of, and then one curled in the lower left.
jutta, Nov 01 2011

       That fifth one must have grown out of the petri dish in the meantime.   

       If that prop is still set up you should probably scrape it out into some fire.
rcarty, Nov 01 2011

       Five for four? Possibly a halfbaker's 0.33 dozen: Int[n *(1/3)] +1   

       Potato/Potatoe. Discuss quietly among yourselves. Happy H'ween, everyone!
csea, Nov 01 2011

       (Pedant) Happy All Hallows Day.
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       Not in my time zone!
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       Happy All Saints Day today!! and Hail all tentacles!
xandram, Nov 01 2011

       so where are we holding this exhibition? SF, LA, London or somewhere in Oz with Ben Frost?
po, Nov 01 2011

       I'd be more than a little concerned with how [BF] might represent the tentacles....
Custardguts, Nov 01 2011


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