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I, for one, welcome our omniscient half croissant with pink tentacles overlord

All hail the bi-quadropod!
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I'd like suggest a new method of greeting our new undoubtedly benevolent, HB leader. but I've no idea how we' might communicate with him/her/it. Pehaps we could reasuringly touch its tentacles and give it some fish?
Dub, Nov 01 2011

Mind of a sqid http://www.orionmag...icles/article/6474/
[Dub, Nov 01 2011]

For future ref http://www.halfbakery.com/img/hc-2011.gif
(not that anyone would attempt to convert him/her/it to calamari, but...)
{A half croissant with pink tentacles, sitting in an agar-filled petri dish, holding a swab like some sort of small fuzzy sceptre. And in that way that one cannot help but see faces in clouds and other random patterns, this half croissant appears has a malevolent, thick-browed stare. I'm sure those eyes are just compression artifacts. Puny humans with their overactive imaginations.} [Dub, Nov 01 2011]

I'll choose the heretic position http://www.youtube....Lbs&feature=related
Join me and eat well. [zeno, Nov 01 2011]


       what do half croissants eat?
po, Nov 01 2011

       I name Dub a race traitor and call for his immediate & unreasonable persecution.
DrBob, Nov 01 2011

       That plate with a croissant may have defeated us, but they won't stop there. They'll make bigger plates and bigger croissants, and soon they'll make a plate with a croissant so big, it will destroy them all!
phundug, Nov 01 2011

       Sellout! Join the resistance! I'm assembling a posse' of MikeD, 21Quest, and 8th of 7 to launch cats and mimes at the calamari invaders.
RayfordSteele, Nov 01 2011

       [zeno], Dear God, that video's horriffic! Especially knowing that many of their neurones (and some of their vision-receptors) are located in their tentacles... All I could imagine was HAL's soliloquy as it was having its memory banks unplugged, one-by-one.... "I can feel my mind going, Dave..." {shiver}
Dub, Nov 01 2011

       [DrBob] [RayfordSteel] - fear and persecution are so often the bedfellows of the vanquished and defeated. Come, join us. Our new friends are caring and friendly...
Dub, Nov 01 2011

       "How much does that half-croissant cost then?"

"Sick squid"
goff, Nov 01 2011

       // immediate & unreasonable persecution //   

       You don't ever have to justify that ...   

       // launch cats and mimes at the calamari invaders //   

       Excellent. Watching the mimes express their anguish and terror, as the suckered tentacles and sharp beak rip them apart, by means of gestures alone will be particularly delightful.   

       We wonder what Cthulhu would like for dessert ...
8th of 7, Nov 02 2011

       Someone's prediction almost came true; that a title length approached the Degener-Chandrasekhar limit.
Dub, Nov 25 2011

       But fortunately the idea never shrank below the [Vernon] radius ...
8th of 7, Nov 25 2011

       //I name Dub a race traitor and call for his immediate & unreasonable persecution.//
If you'd ever met Dub face-to-< whatever - it - has - on - the - front - of - its - head >, you'd realise that your unreasonableness was misplaced.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 28 2011

       Forgive my ignorance, but where is the "I, for one, welcome our new... overlords" meme from (originally)?
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 28 2011

       The Simpsons. I for one welcome all ten of our decisquid overlords and overladies.
nineteenthly, Nov 28 2011


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