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Happy Halloween 2009-10!

Grind green light from hovering UFOs and pour on Half-Croissants
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I always look forward to the annual logo revision on Oct 31. Brava, Jutta!
csea, Oct 31 2009

In case you miss a logo: they're archived here. http://www.halfbake...ditorial/logos.html
[jutta, Nov 03 2009]

this guy was driving... + http://laughingsqui...bles-by-till-nowak/
[xandram, Nov 03 2009]


       Thank you! It goes very well with the (independently invented!) theremin-equipped candy dish, I should think.   

jutta, Oct 31 2009

       Houston (beep) one of our croissants appears to be missing..... (beep) ehhh roger that halfB, we're working on it.... there's a lot of interference from a large formation of kitchen equipment of unknown origin (beep)
xenzag, Oct 31 2009

       love the shadows! happy halloween everyone.
po, Oct 31 2009

       //halloween have any association at all with ufos ?//

"Hey Grz5dorf! get back in the saucer... wait, that's not Grz5dorf!"
FlyingToaster, Oct 31 2009

       "Space Aliens stole our croissants !"   

       NB This is NOTHING to do with us. We do NOT indulge in any "weird shit" involving crop circles, attacks of cattle, or - perish the thought - anal probes. We do do some (but not all) of the lights in the sky, and abduct people, but that's about it. Don't put all that other stuff on us, OK ?
8th of 7, Oct 31 2009

       That's just fantastic, [Jutta]!
nineteenthly, Oct 31 2009


       <Close Encounters>
Do. Da. Dah. Do. Dough
Jinbish, Oct 31 2009

       Lovely work!
vincevincevince, Oct 31 2009

       We're straining to lift it captain but we dinna have the power.   

       nicely done Jutta! Happy H.
dentworth, Oct 31 2009

hippo, Oct 31 2009

       Thanks [jutta].
phoenix, Oct 31 2009

       I'm with [Ian] in being somewhat bemused; I was not previously aware of any association between UFOs and Hallow'e'en, or indeed between kitchen implements and Hallow'e'en. 'raand 'ere loik Hallow'e'en is "the turning of the year, when the veil between the world and the other world grows thin..." and it's dead things, witches, ghosties & the like.   

       Cool logo for a space alien themed 'bakery though! Most impressed!
pocmloc, Oct 31 2009

       The old witch always thinks of us. (did I say that? Oh no, aliens are gonna come tonight and steal my cats and coffee cups, I fear.) Yay...Halloweenie! Thanks jutta.
blissmiss, Oct 31 2009

       There is one thing: i find the disappearance of the top of the craft/colander out of the top of the frame eerily unnerving, like i need to scroll up just a _little_ further, so it's like an unscratchable itch, and that itself is oddly appropriate.
nineteenthly, Oct 31 2009

       but that touch is just genius!
po, Oct 31 2009

nineteenthly, Oct 31 2009

       {It's not really a colander...it's one of those fold-up steamer baskets. You're seeing just about all there is to see of it.}
phoenix, Oct 31 2009

       So this isn't a Halfbakery Easter Egg that I unlocked by pasting the Arecibo message binary string as a comment.   

       Very nice!
sninctown, Nov 01 2009

       what [po] said
pertinax, Nov 01 2009

       // aliens are gonna come tonight and steal my cats //   

       Sorry, yes, er, apparently that is one of the ones we do ....
8th of 7, Nov 01 2009

       // here in the future//
Have you got flying cars yet?
coprocephalous, Nov 02 2009

       Yes, but only in the sense that one or two always hit that off-ramp just a tiny bit too fast ........
8th of 7, Nov 02 2009

       I managed to totally miss the halloween logo :(
kaz, Nov 03 2009

       I saved it - shall I send you a copy?
po, Nov 03 2009

       I like the logo archive ([jutta]'s link) - there are some there I think I missed.
hippo, Nov 03 2009

       Thank you for the kind offer [po], [jutta]'s link does the trick though.
kaz, Nov 03 2009

       I sent it this morning - good excuse to touch base!
po, Nov 03 2009

       *goes and checks e-mail*
kaz, Nov 03 2009

       [po] "touch base"?! - have you suddenly become American?
hippo, Nov 03 2009

       don't know my base from my elbow :)
po, Nov 03 2009

       Hint Your base is much, much bigger than your elbow ....
8th of 7, Nov 03 2009

       I like the demonic slug.
pocmloc, Oct 31 2010

       that logo made me jump out of my skin this morning. very nicely done.
po, Oct 31 2010

csea, Oct 31 2010

       [Demonic slug. Ha!]
I saw Bobby Pickett perform his Monster Mash in the Berlin, New Hampshire, Halloween fairgrounds in 1995. Three times in total, once every half hour, granting us a welcome break from tone deaf tourist karaoke as we were standing in line for the Haunted Hayride, although I was beginning to worry about potential permanent damage.

       Thanks for stopping by the 'bakery on your holiday schedule, and thanks for noticing these little things!
jutta, Oct 31 2010

       Nice work, [jutta]!   

       {For some reason, I am reminded of Sam Raimi's lesser knownflick, Evil Bread II:
"I'll swallow you sole. I'll swallow your sole!
Swallow this.<blam!>}
Jinbish, Oct 31 2010

       I'm particularly fond of "Invented by someone Transsylvanian.".   

       Only now I've spent half hte morning trying to work out how to do a sterotypically Transylvanian name out of something with no Ws.
gisho, Oct 31 2010

       This is awesome!
DrWorm, Oct 31 2010

       Ha! Very good.
'Re-formatted to fit your crystal ball'... classic.

Ling, Oct 31 2010

       Way to go jutta, and thanks for the spooky blessings.
blissmiss, Oct 31 2010

       even the taglines are appropriate - she spoils us!   

       "call hearse - rebuild kitchen" hee hee
"strap this to the back of your familiar"
po, Nov 01 2010

       Aaaw! - I missed all the fun :-(
gnomethang, Nov 01 2010

       see [jutta]'s link for the logo!
po, Nov 01 2010

       Thanks for the archive!! Sorry I missed the celebration here...BOO anyway!
xandram, Nov 01 2010

       hey, me again. 11 years older than my previous anno.   

       Happy Halloween
xandram, Oct 31 2021

       Most asteroids have not been charted, there are innumerable viruses out there ready to mutate, the world is crawling with creatures big and small that want to eat people and/or smaller pieces of people, there is at least one axe murderer on the loose in your country, and I think I heard your dog sneeze. Happy halloween!
Voice, Oct 31 2021

       I remember the demonic slug!
pocmloc, Oct 31 2021


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