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Big Fat Scroll Lock Key

Curtails damage to open documents made by falling keyboards
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[Scroll lock] has usurped the [¬`¦] key's position as the most useless key on the keyboard. To restore the [¬`¦] key's rightful place as the most neglected key on the keyboard, I plan to make the [scroll lock] slightly taller and perhaps fatter than its kindred keys.

If your keyboard falls off the desk and on to the floor, as mine so often does, the [big fat scroll lock] key will likely hit the floor first. This will remove influence from more dangerous keys like [f1] and [del], leaving your desktop unscathed from the incident.

spiritualized, May 15 2005


       You could extend this to the point where the more useful the key is, the smaller it is.
Actually, i've always found `, ¬ and ¦ very useful for typing formal logic.
nineteenthly, May 15 2005


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