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Ctrl-Alt-Delete . . . On ONE BUTTON
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Wouldn't that just make our lives easier?!?!?! Maybe put it somewhere on the top-left corner of the keyboard. And to make sure nobody accidentally hits it, you sould hold it for like two second or something. Because what happens when your Delete key goes out???? You should have backup! Whatever it's a lame idea but who cares.
KoolKat2500, Jul 01 2005

HP Tablet PC http://h18000.www1....755_na/11755_na.pdf
See item 5 on the Front View... [Danzarak, Jul 01 2005]

An alternative idea http://www.linux-us...reen/ctrlaltdel.jpg
[zen_tom, Jul 01 2005]

Punchable Ctrl+Alt+Del CtrlAltDel_20Punch_20Pad
Or you could punch the tower.... it works. [Zimmy, Jul 04 2005]

Punchable Monitor Punchable_20Monitor
I really quite liked this one! [Zimmy, Jul 04 2005]

In case of Malware. http://www.majorgee...m/download3155.html
These hombres are quite helpful. [Zimmy, Jul 06 2005]


       Someone could fall asleep on the button, and ruin everything were it not a macro. Careful with suggesting no one cares about that possibility.
reensure, Jul 01 2005

       YES! This is an awesome idea. I seriously think it's the best idea I've read on the Halfbakery in a long time.
-----, Jul 01 2005

       I've changed mine to shutdown the computer (typing "poweroff" is so goddamned tedious). But anyway, this is borderline consumer advice.
Detly, Jul 01 2005

       Typing "poweroff," huh? Do you type "r e t u r n" when you want a linefeed?
bristolz, Jul 01 2005

       Don't be daft. I type "echo $n > linefeed && cat linefeed && rm linefeed".
Detly, Jul 01 2005

       I'm afraid this is already baked on Tablet PCs with touch screens... to press Ctrl, Alt, Del on the on screen keyboard is annoying even though they stay pressed down until you press all three, so they give you a little recessed button you press with the stylus.   

       See link...   

       Actually I can recommend these Tablet PCs - I'm just setting up a wireless ordering system for Retail stores on these - they work very well.
Danzarak, Jul 01 2005

       The point of it being Ctrl-Alt-Delete is that it's difficult to press accidentally. A single key would defeat the object.
nineteenthly, Jul 01 2005

       Closely followed by the grammatical sequels "Defeat the Subject" and "Defeat the subordinate clause".
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 01 2005

       the verb? I !
nineteenthly, Jul 01 2005

       For the first several days with a broken collarbone I found it painfully difficult to hit all 3 keys. I had to ask someone to help me the first day. I think I could have done it if they were all on the same side of the keyboard.   

       I'd not really want it in one key, though.
Zimmy, Jul 01 2005

       HB: Does this dress make me look fat?   

       daseva: No, but [KoolKat2500] does.   


       HB: Welcome to me!
daseva, Jul 01 2005

       Sorry [Zimmy], i should have thought of that sort of thing. In that case, what about a it working if the three keys are placed consecutively in that order? That way, people would be able to do it with a single digit and with rollover, it might still usually work if they were depressed simultaneously.
On that subject, i always press them in the order Ctrl, then Alt, then Del. Is that true of everyone else? Would it be true of someone using a language not written left to right?
nineteenthly, Jul 01 2005

       [Danzarak] came up with a great idea in an anno of his, talking about the exclamation mark jey:   

       "...a USB one the size of a house brick!"   

       It reminds me of a photoshop (or may it was real?) of a HUGE CTRL-ALT-DEL key, it was one of those jokes about how crap windows was, or how stupid AOL users are or something. [Found it - linked] I think it was captioned 'The new Microsoft Keyboard' or something like that.
zen_tom, Jul 01 2005

       For a long time now i've used the same keys - left Ctrl, Del on the numeric keypad - but on the first keyboard i needed to use it on, which was a 101-key one, only those keys would do it. Interestingly, until that point, which was in the mid-nineties, i'd never needed to do it before. Have things changed since then?
nineteenthly, Jul 01 2005

       Good for old people, not anyone who should be using a computer. No just kidding. I say that it would be better if you could buy keyboards with that function.   

       Cats could mess you up so bad.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jul 01 2005

       Zimmy reads [UnaBubba]'s anno, looks down at keyboard, ..... eyes go wide.
I'm almost certain I checked 3 times at work for Ctrl and Alt keys on the right hand side, or for a Del key on the left hand side. I will check again on Tuesday but I'll be dumbfounded if they're there. I think the keyboard at work has an extra wide space bar that takes the place of the right hand Alt & Ctrl keys.
Zimmy, Jul 01 2005

       Yes, lets have one button... because Windows never does anything anymore without asking for confirmation anyway.   

       eg User: Shutdown. Win: Are you sure you want to shutdown? User: Yes. Win: Are you really sure you want to shutdown? User: Yes, that's why I said shutdown. Win: You know there will be dire consequences if I do what you say...? User: I can handle it. Win: Don't blame me, you know I told you so...   

       Aaaaagh! Drives me nuts!
Stoo, Jul 03 2005

       At least put the existing keys closer together, so one hand can do the job more easily. I just checked: Alt-Ctrl-Del also works. Seems that Del must be the last button.
Ling, Jul 04 2005

       How about a button that set off a series of small charges across the circuit board and within the monitor. When you were really pissed off with your computer it would save you the trouble of getting the hammer out of the tool box.
benindubai, Jul 04 2005

       [UnaBubba]'s right. I must have only been looking for a del key on the left hand side.
Zimmy, Jul 05 2005

       Now you're just bieng silly.
daseva, Jul 05 2005

       And all in one button...this would make it easier for cats to operate, that’s for sure.
ldischler, Jul 05 2005

       I want a "kill" button. I'm sick of ctrl-alt-delete...end program... wait ten seconds for windows to tell you the program has stopped responding...end program...wait...   

       I want to tell that process to stop, now, never mind the consequences, I've decided it's malfunctioning even if you haven't noticed yet and I'm the user, not you.   

       In other words, what [Stoo] said.
david_scothern, Jul 05 2005

       What is "Alt Gr" about anyway? Is it just an angry form of "Alt"?
wagster, Jul 05 2005

       On that subject, have you noticed how (on some keyboards anyway) the return/enter/newline key is the only L-shaped key? Or that 'Caps lock' has a small recessed panel for no reason? Also, often the F,J and keypad 5 have a nipple at the bottom. I'd like a keyboard where all the keys were different in interesting ways. 'O' should be rounded and circular, I should be very narrow, and so on. Some of the keys should have interesting textured surfaces, and a few could have a surface of a different material, such as a rubbery plastic or metal inlay.   

       (edit: now posted as a separate idea - baroque keyboard)
Loris, Jul 05 2005

       Loris, I think its the J and F thing is for orientation. Two things could happen with your additions:   

       People would love it.
People would hate it.
daseva, Jul 05 2005

       [wagster] Alt Gr, rather than being a grumpy Alt, is in fact a key that toggles the Alternate Graphics on a given key, while the regular Alt key simply gave you the Alternative something else.   

       I don't think it's used quite so often now, but you sometimes see keyboards with extra symbols printed on the sides of the keys.
zen_tom, Jul 05 2005

       //I want a "kill" button. I'm sick of ctrl-alt-delete...//   

       How about a "kill" program? And another program that lists ALL processes, not just the ones that the OS wants you to see? And you could, in fact, identify part of the filesystem with the running processes...
Detly, Jul 06 2005

       [Detly], you should use Linux
Johnny2shoes, Jul 06 2005

       I find it ridiculous that in order to login to a Netware machine, we use a key combination that was designed to be difficult to press.
RayfordSteele, Jul 07 2005

       [J2S] - yes, I was, in fact, employing a little irony. [taps nose conspiratorially]
Detly, Jul 07 2005


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