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Capslock Safety Protocol

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Ever go to hit 'a' and hit caps lock?

Make it so you have to hit caps twice quicly to engage and twice quickly to disengage.

notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

anticAPSLOCK http://anticapslock.com/
capslock crusaders [mungojelly, Dec 20 2005]

Caps lock trick http://www.worldsta...d/capslocktrick.htm
[finrod, Dec 21 2005]


       I never even use it. I always just hold shift WHENEVER I WANT TO TYPE LIKE AN IDIOT.
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

       Usually by the time my brain has realised the mistake I'm halfway through the sentence. Although two taps would be horrible confusing. And what about languages abundant with 'aa's?
pooduck, Dec 20 2005

       Capslock obviously shouldn't be placed where it is. But then, most of the keys on Qwerty shouldn't be placed where they are. <3
mungojelly, Dec 20 2005

       Just make hitting capslock disengage it if it's on, and if it's off, require a 1 or 2 second delay holding it before it's enabled.   

       (Or maybe make the capslock light flash when on.)
Snuffkin, Dec 20 2005


       Dammit, done it again!
zen_tom, Dec 20 2005

       Maybe make all the other keys on the keyboard pop up 1 inch into the air when caps lock is pressed. This gives you a tactile, visual sense of what you are conveying.
phundug, Dec 20 2005

       see link
finrod, Dec 21 2005

       Make the CAPS LOCK key CONTROL like it used to be in the early years. I never use CAPS LOCK in the scores of years I've been typing and the current position of the left control key is somewhat awkward. Worse comes to worse, make both of them CONTROL, but we really don't need CAPS LOCK anymore. We have other font choices or styles to show emphasis or strength and it's just not that useful for acronyms or organizations.
Homecooked, Oct 20 2009

       How about make it so that if you highlight text and then hit capslock, it converts it, as well as turning capslock off? That way you at least wouldn't have to delete everything you typed before you noticed the change?
MechE, Oct 20 2009


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