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Exit every program

Close all with the touch of a button.
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Have way to many windows open that you want to close all at once? Well, just use this key to quickly close out of all up and running programs and browser windows. Useful for playing games at work. ;>)
koolcj291, Jan 21 2004

USB foot switch http://www.kinesis-ergo.com/foot.htm
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       Also a button to quickly close the window you're currently looking at.
koolcj291, Jan 21 2004

       How about two?
ALT + F4
or three...
ALT + F, X sometime ALT + F, C
silverstormer, Jan 21 2004

       How about the button labeled "POWER" or in some cases "1/0"?
supercat, Jan 21 2004

       The power button turns off the computer and then you have to reboot, not to mention it's bad for the computer, this would just close all open windows.
koolcj291, Jan 21 2004

       The title reminded me of "climb every mountain, ford every stream". Have you tried [silverstormer]'s advice?
PeterSilly, Jan 21 2004

       How about nine? CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+T, shift+down-arrow (hold), ALT+E.   

       I'm not sure you want the possibility of doing this accidentally though, which making it too easy would risk. And there's the problem that shutting all the windows on a PC can take a few seconds. Better to set your wallpaper to look like an Excel spreadsheet and hit WINDOWS+D.
kropotkin, Jan 21 2004

       It should be a button that you can activate discreetly so your boss doesn't see you wipe your mouse frantically across the screen or your hand across the keyboard. It should be programmable to call up the document that you are supposed to work on. See link for USB footswitch.
kbecker, Jan 21 2004

       This is why I like my Mac so much.
Almafeta, Jan 21 2004

       Why, does it come with an USB footswitch?
kbecker, Jan 21 2004

       Unless a dialog box has locked that menu out, the system has a running-programs menu with a 'Close All' option.
Almafeta, Jan 22 2004

       [Ctrl]W - try that one right now. Bye!
Klaatu, Jan 22 2004

       What's wrong with "Show Desktop," the little taskbar icon that minimizes all your windows?
DrCurry, Jan 22 2004

       The problem with Show Desktop is that it still leaves your windows taskbar thing packed with the evidence of lots of applications with incriminating names like "Freecell" "Hot Chimp Porn", etc, unless of course you set the task bar to auto-hide mode, which would be suspicious in itself.
kropotkin, Jan 22 2004

       [supercat] I wish my computer had a division-by-zero button
Dub, May 11 2009

       The button/switch that used to be labeled "1/0" (now it's a "0" with a raised "1" overlapping it) turns off the electric current to the CPU. This will do a pretty good job of stopping any and all programs running on a modern PC.
supercat, May 17 2009

       None of those suggestions at the top are helpful. They describe how to close a single program, which kool probably already knows how to do. You may as well tell her to just click the little x
Voice, May 22 2010

       No, if you hold down Alt+F4, it closes everything.
mitxela, May 24 2010

       Interesting, works for me... (windows XP)
mitxela, May 24 2010


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