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Big Momma YoYo

Giant Yo Yo Ride.
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Strap 50 or so adrenaline seeking teens into a giant Yo Yo supported by a large finger-like structure. Simply Winch it up and Drop. The Yo Yo will do its thing and you get Satisfied/Dizzy/ill teens.

Would be really fun if you took the straps out and padded the inside with inflatable rubber cushions. Result is temporary weightlessnes followed by extreme G-force caused by the centrifugal force.

Trodden, Dec 18 2002

Yo-Yoing Yourself http://www.halfbake...Yo-Yoing_20Yourself
The elevator version. [st3f, Oct 05 2004]

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       ie Cedar Point's Bungee Chair.
RayfordSteele, Dec 18 2002

       I like it. Wouldn't ride it, not if you paid me, but I like it. (Might pay to put a few people in it...)
gardnertoo, Aug 29 2003

       If the ride is working properly, you will never experience temporary weightlessness.
Tiger Lily, Aug 29 2003


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