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People Tumble-dryer

Dry off after the water rides in a fun and bouncy way!
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Myself and the little one were at Legoland.

Unfortunately it was a rather grey and overcast day, but that didn't stop the little one from wanting to go on the waterslide rides.

Little one is still too small to go on the larger rides unaccompanied, so muggins had to go on too.

So we emerged, sopping wet, from the waterslide ride, and immediately started to feel the cold setting in. Thus it was with great joy that we discovered the walk-in person drier round the corner. Except that the little one (being little) started to get bored. "Mummy are we dry yet?"

It occurred to me that the drier itself should be a fun ride. A tumble-drier for kids. You'ld need something soft and bouncy for the inside of the tumbing drum - foam padding like a soft-play area, or inflatable like a bouncy castle. Warm air would blow through to dry the occupants out as they bounce around.

And then you could remove the kids' shoes, put the kids in the drier, insert your coin in the slot and get them dry whilst they tumble and bounce around giggling.

prufrax, Jul 11 2004

People Drier http://www.haystack-dryers.com/
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rolling tunnel http://www.screamin.../rolling_tunnel.htm
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       We all know a tumble dryer occasionally eats socks, making them vanish into the nth dimension.   

       What measures would you envisage to prevent this fate from happening to drying tots?
Aristotle, Jul 11 2004

       Would it not get a tad hot in there?
skinflaps, Jul 11 2004

       << I changed the title spelling from “drier” to “dryer” >>
bristolz, Jul 11 2004

       There could be a rubber mesh or net at each end to stop tots falling out whilst not enclosing the drum entirely, to allow air to circulate. Similar to the rubber mesh thingies you get to keep clothes from being flung out of spin-driers.
prufrax, Jul 11 2004

       Having ridden in an actual tumble dryer in my smaller days (non-working, spun by brother-power), I like it. I think it might be a good gimmick. However, I doubt you would want to get the full effect of a tumble dryer as they are designed to carry their load up the side of the drum and drop it, ideally from the top of the drum, so that it falls and gets exposed to the air without being bunched up. Children, even in a padded tunnel, would not fare as well as clothes if processed in such a manner.   

half, Jul 11 2004


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