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Dizzy Darts

Spin to win
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Dizzy Darts is a fairground game for all the family without a sharp edge or gut wrenching drop in sight, it comprises of the following;

A giant padded darts arena with a darts board in the center of the floor (covered with the loop side of Velcro) A dart with the hook side of Velcro on the end. A human spinning disk

Playing the game,

You get 3 darts per go. Before you can place each dart you must be spun round 15 times on the disk while staring at the sky. At the end of the 15 spins you have 3 seconds to place the dart on the highest score you can in one move without falling over before the dart is placed. I believe it should be almost impossible to do with any consistency so the lavender selling tinkers will be able to make a packet as well.

The prizes vary according to your score. Top prize could be a big fluffy Lion. Last prize could be a fond 'fair'well!........

English_gent, Aug 05 2003

999 http://www.uktvindex.net/999.shtml
UK Accident programme [oneoffdave, Oct 04 2004]


       As seen on last weeks '999'.
oneoffdave, Aug 05 2003

       I was referring to the accident potential :)
oneoffdave, Aug 05 2003

       If you go about this site pretending to have seen everything you could get them all deleted! Lets hope this is just a one off Dave. Ta very much.
English_gent, Aug 06 2003


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