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Baseball Cap Game for Morons

convert your baseball cap into a fascinating game
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In order to create your own Baseball Cap Game for Morons you will need the following items:
One baseball cap
One short section of fine catgut
One small ball-bearing with a hole drilled through its centre
One electric drill and two bits of differing diameters

To convert the cap:
Attach the ball-bearing to the front of the baseball cap using the fine catgut, so that it can roll about freely over the surface of the projecting peak, (the bit that shades the face and eyes).
Drill two holes in the peak, at any two points on the surface, each of which must be reachable by the roving ball-bearing.

Now all you have to do as you walk along or sit about mindlessly, is tilt and swivel your head around in such a way as to get the ball-bearing to drop through one of the holes. Once you have got it through one, you can award yourself a point, then flick it back out with a triumphant toss of the head, and try to get it to drop through the other hole.

You may add more rules to the game, and once you get good at it, progress to the more advanced version featuring two ball-bearings!

xenzag, Jul 25 2009

Family Guy's "Ball in a Cup" http://www.youtube....watch?v=OoUly6OoS7M
Hey kids of America, it's Ball in a Cup! [Gamma48, Jul 26 2009]

Made me think of this gentleman... http://tinyurl.com/...lcapformoronsexpert
Great song too. [Jinbish, Jul 27 2009]

https://sodabred.tu...me-for-morons-its-a illustration [xenzag, Aug 03 2009, last modified Apr 20 2018]


       //Morons// Is it me, or is [xenzag] getting angrier? I hope you're OK, [xen].
pertinax, Jul 25 2009

       Not angry at all - in fact most happy and delighted with my new idea. I just made one up and it works a treat.
xenzag, Jul 25 2009

       I am pleased to see that the ingredients list does not include "moron". Rather, it states "you will need...".
bungston, Jul 25 2009

       Perhaps call it "ball in a cap"? Once the ball goes down one hole, players can also try to get the ball bearing to go "up" out the other hole, with the ball ending up back on the cap's bill. That would be impressive, even for someone who isn't a moron.
Gamma48, Jul 26 2009

       I fear Gamma's suggestion may result in long hospital queues of Morons with ball bearings lodged in various facial apertures.
Twizz, Jul 27 2009

       Perversely while this might make you look like a moron it would take quite some skill to get good at it.
wagster, Jul 27 2009

       Might also get kids to wear them with the peak facing forward! <grumble, grumble...>
shudderprose, Jul 27 2009

       + hehe
xandram, Jul 28 2009

       Now with revised pic! See tumblr link.
xenzag, Apr 20 2018

       I suppose the opposite of this would be a ball maze on top of a mortar board. If you can get the ball to the slot at the edge, it drops down and becomes the dangling tassel.
Wrongfellow, Apr 20 2018


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