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Bin Laden, The Soap

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New weekly puppet drama featuring the domestic dramas of the Bin Laden family as they while away their time in rural Pakistan.

Concluding episode features masked gun-men posing as a certain kind of sea mammal, blundering around with live feed cameras relaying their every move back to the kennels of Battersea Dog's Home, where the level of howling and barking provides appropriate feedback in response to the unfolding mayhem.

Throw in a burning helicopter (or two) to add to the drama, the whole thing being done in the style the movie "Team America".

xenzag, May 04 2011

Team America: World Police http://en.wikipedia...erica:_World_Police
[daseva, May 04 2011]



       btw, Battersea Dog's Home is a marvellous institution.
po, May 04 2011

       // "Team America" //   

       Movie? You mean the documentary of the same name, shirley?
8th of 7, May 04 2011

       No, the movie made by the South Park creators, presumably. link.
daseva, May 04 2011

       South Park the documentary on middle America?
rcarty, May 04 2011

       Team America, the docu-drama using puppet stand-ins ?   

       We think you are confusing it with the satirical comedy show in which a bunch of whacky goofballs make a complete and utter cockup of running major economies while mismanaging poorly considered foreign ventures with no clear policy and no clear exit strategy, based on the whims of the media.   

       It's the funniest show on TV- airs every weeknight at 1800, on CNN.
8th of 7, May 04 2011

       Wash with it, go straight to Jannah...
RayfordSteele, May 05 2011


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