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Muppet Soap Opera

Real Muppets. Real Problems.
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Today's soap opera's have all but run out of material. They go over the same old ground, time and time again. "Jack's supposedly dead wife returns to enact her revenge on the love triangle that destroyed their marriage, caused her rare form of cancer and lead Jack to a life of crime"....and so on. What these shows need is a new element: Muppets. Kermit's secret love affair with Camilla the chicken is revealed by Mrs. Piggy's snooping. Gonzo, enraged at his unfaithful fowl's betrayal, goes on a drunken bender and ends up in a coma... next week on "As Sesame Street Turns". A serious television drama where life's problems and troubles are acted out by Muppets. Is there anything more American? Next stop: Muppet Reality Shows....
Jeeves, Dec 01 2002

(?) Greg the Bunny http://www.fox.com/greg/set/index.htm
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

The Dark Crystal http://www.darkcrystal.com/
Not a soap opera but plenty of potential, and Jim Henson to boot... [RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2015]


       I don't think I like this idea. At all.   

       JIm Henson would not be impressed. Miss Piggy is about the only one who would sign up for this.
rbl, Dec 01 2002

       after Kermit broke her heart....will Miss Piggy fall for quiet, unassuming Scooter who has secretly been in love with her all these years...or will she show her pigskin in Playpig, go after bad-boy, rock drummer, Animal, and then land the lead roll on the new nightime beach drama, Bay of Pigs......
Marassa, Dec 01 2002

       Baked: Greg the Bunny.
krelnik, Dec 01 2002

       <Stadtler and Waldorf>
"This is the worst idea I've ever heard"
"It's terrible"
"Well, it's not that bad"
"Oh yeah?"
"There are parts of it I like!"
"Yeah, I like a lot of it."
"It's good!"
"It's great!"
"It's terrific!"
"More!"</Stadtler and Waldorf>
egbert, Dec 01 2002

       If this was done right, it could be the greatest show of all time and shut down production on all other soaps, by dint of its overwhelming superiority. Both of these results would be great. [+]
DocBrown, May 24 2005

       It ain't over until the pig sings.
popbottle, Feb 07 2015

       Funny. Last week I found myself drafting the framework for " Laundry: The Opera ".   

       Think of all the possible movements. Sorting, pretreating, finding quarters, wash, rinse, spin...   

       Oh, and [antisocial american drifter] signed up for an account, posted no ideas and five annos, and drifted away.
normzone, Feb 09 2015

       // Last week I found myself drafting the framework for " Laundry: The Opera ". //   

       Did you start with a clean sheet ?
8th of 7, Feb 10 2015

       Right from the top. It seemed only fitting.
normzone, Feb 10 2015


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