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Biodegradable cigarette butts

I thought they were. They’re not.
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Cigarette butts. Unsightly. Clogging sewers. They could easily be made of biodegradable materials. They’re not.
Frankx, Sep 24 2019

Nicotiana tabacum https://www.google....u3EKHVq4ANMQ4dUDCAc
[Skewed, Sep 25 2019]

Disappearing Butts
[xaviergisz, Sep 25 2019]

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       How about non-biodegradable carbon infused cigarette butts, to help bury excess carbon in landfills, "have a smoke, save the planet!" from global warming, while you kill yourself (slowly), two birds with one stone, you'll also be helping with the population problem?
Skewed, Sep 24 2019

       //They’re not//   

       They are, for a given value of 'are', it just takes a really long time.   

       But they do look unsightly blowing around in the stairwell when I open the front door.   

       If they degraded into a suitable mulch faster I could grow pansies in them, which would be much prettier [+]
Skewed, Sep 24 2019

       Arrr! Yes they Arrr!   

       Sorry, still recovering from Talk like a Pirate day.   

       Yes, they are biodegradable, given enough time.   

       They could be “compostable” and come impregnated with flower seeds.
Frankx, Sep 24 2019

       It may be slightly baked though, I believe they're called cigars, generally a bit bigger than an ordinary cigarette but the bit you smoke it through (the filter?) is as biodegradable as an ordinary leaf.
Skewed, Sep 24 2019

       Cig butts are (more or less) environmentally neutral : it's just fibreglass. The problem is unsightliness : so either make them explode or turn them into fake little flowers or something. Alternatively seed them with a substance attractive to seagulls who will eat them.
FlyingToaster, Sep 25 2019

       Getting rid of all of the smokers is an alternative solution that seems to have some upsides.   

       Nasty, filthy habit if there ever was one. If Brooke Shields were to proposition me and she had a cigarette in her mouth, I'd run away in terror.
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2019

       //Getting rid of all of the smokers is an alternative solution that seems to have some upsides//   

       May I draw your attention to my idea for non-biodegradable carbon infused cigarette butts?   

       Seems to tick all your boxes there..   

       Gets rid of them & has upsides, albeit they do take a little while to die, lung cancer does need a good few years to ferment properly.
Skewed, Sep 25 2019

       //If Brooke Shields were to proposition me and she had a cigarette in her mouth, I'd run away in terror//   

       I think we need a little more clarification there, circa when?   

       & just for the control sample, how about if she didn't have a cigarette, or was Don Johnson?
Skewed, Sep 25 2019

       //“compostable” and come impregnated with flower seeds//   

       How about nicotiana tabacum, seems appropriate & they have quite pretty pink flowers [linky].
Skewed, Sep 25 2019

       //Biodegradable What is this bio-wotsit (coughs heavily, rolls a ciggie)   

       But seriously, the filters are the same stuff in sleeping bags, so by dint of keeping them you can make a sleeping bag.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 25 2019


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