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Incense Cigarette Filters

Why throw out the filter when you're done and smell bad?
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A cigarette filter that is more flammable than usual and starts to smell pleasant once the cigarrette runs out of tobacco and the filter starts smoking.
Amishman35, Oct 30 2006


       I shall make the first annotation after 15 years of this little post just sitting here. I am going to give it a little croissant for thinking outside the box. I’m thinking the filters should be made of something better like Fireworks.
xandram, Jul 11 2022

       uncannily I just read a idea for self-destructing cigarette butts and they have fireworks ha ha.
xandram, Jul 11 2022

       I read the first word of the title as a verb in the imperative mood, and was imagining the build-up through provoking, annoying and enraging the cigarette filter. The cigarette filter should probably be voiced by John Cleese.
pertinax, Jul 12 2022


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