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Clever Ear Plugs

Handy to remember this one
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When at loud concert/bar/therapy, insert cigarette butts in the ears. Could be sold in packs of 3 (1 spare) at the door using recycled butts swept up from the night before. Could be difficult to market, but if we could get some celebrities to wear them in photos or in films/video clips there is a small chance.
benfrost, Dec 30 2001


       you can buy fresh ones (for selfrolled fags) , much healthier ben (been up all night? join the club)
po, Dec 30 2001

       ben, I suggest therapy - there is a small chance.
thumbwax, Dec 30 2001

       silly me you've been up all day
po, Dec 30 2001

       Hi po, took a 3 hour nap earlier - hitting sheets soon
thumbwax, Dec 30 2001

       yes it has been one of those.
benfrost, Dec 30 2001

       well it is nearly new years eve
benfrost, Dec 30 2001

       thank you so much for that bliss.
po, Dec 31 2001

       you can't fire her for that in this day and age for heavens sake, thats it - up against the tribunal for you mate
po, Dec 31 2001

       Leaving the ear(s) out of the equation, would you like to know how the nic "thumbwax" came to be?
thumbwax, Dec 31 2001

po, Dec 31 2001

       I would too...
StarChaser, Jan 01 2002

       thatwouldbeme was my original email account...
thumbwax uses all the letters in thatwouldbeme except e (twice) and one t, along with d,l and o...
It adds an "x" to be mysterious...
"e told e" which is a phrase from the leftover letters makes for a summary of dialogue, an interchange in which not only communication takes place on the level between different individuals, but also the inner dialogue...
Along with being able to spell "El Toed", seeing as how I have the toes of a Greek God and toes and thumbs have similarities which I won't bother to get into...
thumb is for thumbs up or down...
wax is for waxing philosophical or poetic...
Those who know the name I go by on a daily basis would understand the thumb connection...
I used to surf a lot, so the board wax fit in the equation...
I use a thumbpick for my guitar playing a good deal of the time, when I don't I use bare thumb and often wish I had something to coat thumb with
As I sat for the first time looking at this marvelous site, I knew I had to join in - In my moment of epiphany which was a bright as the candle which burned in the room and appeared to be the same height as my extended thumb as I sought inspiration where all of the above occured in a nanosecond, the nic thumbwax seemed most appropriate, though I still remain hesitant to create an 'invention' called by the same name - although if anyone dare indulge themselves I feel it is important to let you know my New Years Resolution is...
To not kill anyone unless provoked
thumbwax, Jan 01 2002

       Happy New Year Peter and may all your ideas be properly baked
thumbwax, Jan 01 2002

       I have actually done this.   

       (Used cigarette butts as ear plugs, that is.)
ping, Jan 02 2002

       I won't venture a guess as to who has used ear plugs as butt plugs. I just won't.
thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

       Not from some of what I've seen, but I agree that's best left in the TMI bin...   

       Thumbwax, you have the same type of convoluted roller-coaster-of-thought that I do sometimes...
StarChaser, Jan 02 2002

       I'm serious - I thought of all that stuff in a nanosecond that fateful night (not) so long ago.
thumbwax, Feb 07 2002


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