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Cigarettless Filter

For greenwashing cigarette companies
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[edit: Turns out there was a similar idea posted but deleted formerly by someone else on HB]Marlboro will get a giant grant from the US government, if they show cowboys (and cowgirls) in a smokey environment with the new cigarettless filter. Or a very old Cherokee man fishing, and smiling with stainless teeth holding his cigarettless filter with the slogan: Marlboro - A breath of Fresh Air.

Notice: The Surgeon General confirms that Marlboro Cigarettless is good for your health!

They'll return the grant once sales in Japan and Europe triple the current cigarette sales.

Its a 13 trillion $ market, and may save the US economy.

pashute, Jul 15 2011

Clean Energy Filter Clean Energy Filter
Boomershine's idea - the inspiration for this one [pashute, Jul 15 2011]

Green smoke http://www.greensmoke.com/
[pashute, Sep 13 2011]


       Baked by Spike Milligan in the Goon Show episode "The Last Smoking Seagoon".
8th of 7, Jul 15 2011

       SEAGOON: [Over orch.] Thank you [sucks] I say, this cigarette’s all filtered with a tobacco tip   

       GRYTPYPE: Of course it’s all filtered with a tobacco tip, Neddie. It is my latest invention   

       SEAGOON: You filter swine!
spidermother, Jul 15 2011

       Brilliant! Unfortunately, the cellulose acetate filters are harder to light and produce an unpleasant smoke flavor. I would suggest switching to a flammable cellulose nitrate, which can double as party favors for pyromaniacs.   

       I proudly bun [+].
Grogster, Jul 15 2011

       bobofthefuture posted this, he seems to have disappeared.
rcarty, Jul 16 2011

       bobofthefuture posted what? For 25 minutes I followed bobofthefuture entries on HB trying to understand who he is/was and how he's connected to this idea? [rcarty] could you explain?
pashute, Jul 17 2011

       bobofthefuture was a hb user, if I remember correctly from Vancouver, not too long ago who posted this idea and I remember because I annotated it. That he posted it before isn't really relevant I just made the comment in passing.
rcarty, Jul 17 2011

       [edited comment, what I was saying was not clear] Thank you [rcarty]. IMHO it IS relevant. So its an idea already posted. I'm proud to have thought of an idea already thought of by another HB'er, and sorry it was deleted. I'm putting this fact up on the idea itself, and leaving it up, only because the original does not exist anymore.
pashute, Aug 16 2011


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