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Self Destructing Cigarette Butt

Where there's smoke, there'll be fire
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Instead of making the filter out of plain old cellulose, make it out of nitrocellulose--otherwise known as flash cotton. Put a firecracker fuse in the filter that extends a bit into the tobacco. Once you hear the fuse light and see the sparks, you've got about five seconds to toss the butt away before it bursts into a spectacular and extremely fast burning fireball.
ytk, Feb 14 2011


       Dangerous and useful. [+]
daseva, Feb 14 2011

       this idea really rocks.
Voice, Feb 14 2011

       If only it were possible to award more than one bun for an idea.   


8th of 7, Feb 14 2011

       Don't give them the 5 seconds, and I'll bun this. To much warning and it's more likely to end up in my face than theirs.
MechE, Feb 14 2011

       Mad Magazine did an article on this, back when it was good.
baconbrain, Feb 14 2011

       Yes! I would love this - weaponized butts! I'd go for quite highly nitrated cellulose - make it go with a bang, not just a flare. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 14 2011

       [+] oh yeah!!
xandram, Feb 15 2011

       Whatever you do, don't accidentally light your ciggie the wrong way round! [+]
Wrongfellow, Feb 15 2011

       Don't worry about the powdered magnesium on the filter, it's just there to keep you from licking it. This message will self destruct.   


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