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Biological Watch

Help Women Keep Track.
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This watch is intended as an easy to carry readily avalilable reference for women who are concerned about their reproductive status.

Owner completes an online survey to determine appropriate settings for the watch and then inputs the starting time, presses in the crown and the watch starts ticking.

jhomrighaus, Aug 21 2006

Saving Me. http://www.roadrunn...eo.aspx?fileID=1516
Happy 20,000 birthday? [reensure, Aug 21 2006]


       Is this something that would display 12yrs:217days:4hrs:23sec's .. 22,21,20..?
Zimmy, Aug 21 2006

       Thats kind of what I was thinking.
jhomrighaus, Aug 21 2006

       Given that the biological clock no longer applies (a woman can have her ova frozen against future impregnation by a mate some time after menopause), this idea is about five years too late.
DrCurry, Aug 22 2006

       [DrCurry] At that point it doesnt sound very biological to me.
jhomrighaus, Aug 22 2006


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