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bio alarm clock

"bio sensetive alarm clock"
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Not always we get to sleep all the time we need. Sometimes when we are woken up we feel refreshed and sometimes we feel as if we did not have any sleep at all. During our sleep their are several phases and we do not sleep at the same "depth" all the time. If we are woken when we are in a shallow phase we will feel refreshed however if we are woken during REM sleep probably we'll feel quite exhausted. Sensetive electrodes in our pillow case can trace in what phase of sleep we are. By setting an alarm clock to the watch will be programmed to wake us in a time range where a favourable sleep pattern occurs.
yaelnoam, Jul 03 2000

Sleeptracker http://www.gearlive...ch_review_03221147/
I think this is what you want. I can't wait to hear from people who have tried it. [dustsparkle, Mar 25 2005]

SleepSmart (Vaporware?) http://www.axonlabs.../pr_sleepsmart.html
"We are estimating that the first units will be available in December of 2005 and that the initial units would have a retail price somewhere in the $299-$399 range." [jutta, Apr 26 2005]

Gadgeteer review: Sleeptracker Wristwatch http://www.the-gadg.../sleeptracker_watch
(Stupid &%$#@ popup, but worth it.)
"I'm not going to say that this watch doesn't work, I'm going to say that I don't think it works for me." [jutta, Nov 01 2005]

US patent 7,798,144 http://www.google.c...q=US7798144&f=false
cites this idea as prior art [xaviergisz, Jun 21 2012]

Seven hugs http://sevenhugs.com/
" helps identify the best moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up in the morning so you feel refreshed." [Voice, Jan 12 2016]


       [Double post and quote use points rescinded]   

       I've been told that most people have a sleep cycle of about 3 hours and your body is more inclined to awaken naturally in between these cycles. What we really need is to figure out our personal cycles, rig an alarm to detect when we've fallen asleep and then gently ring us awake when it determine that we have experienced a set number of cycles.   

       I've always wanted something that would detect when I have fallen asleep.
centauri, Jul 03 2000

       This idea is bordering on the sensible. Hardly half-baked at all.
DrBob, Jul 03 2000

       Just a very short while ago I did an extensive web search for the idea, but nothing came up. A bio-sensitive alarm clock was my engineering design project in college. Since then I have prepared and submitted a patent application for it. Now I have assembled a team of engineers and businesspeople to investigate the idea further. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would let me know where you have heard of the idea.   

somnowiz, Nov 20 2000

       I have been working on this idea for quite some time now. Most recently, with some sleep researchers. Please feel free to contact me at kstillner@participate.com
krs1, Nov 29 2000

       What is it with the people claiming to have invented all these things lately? Are all these names aliases for Al 'I invented the internet' Gore or something?
StarChaser, Jan 15 2001

       I studied this kind of alarm clock too. I was thinking that this was my secret project but i learned now that i have many friends
melfa, Feb 18 2001

       i also toyed with the idea of building one of these for a design project. if you do some web searches, you'll find that there are many approaches to this problem: you can use eye movement, myoelectric signals, body temperature, EEG, and skin galvanometry to name a few. the problem with some of these approaches is the necessity of a sensor of some sort in contact with the body while asleep. The EEG is arguably to most definite way to define "asleep" but requires either probes attached to the scalp or a multimillion dollar supercooled field sensor. a clever way around this would make a product much more marketable.
xiaolongbao, Apr 24 2002

       I also thought up this concept a few years ago after seeing a program about REM sleep, not having any engineering skills I never went any farther than hope that someone would invent it so that I and the many many millions of people that have a hard time waking up in the middle of a cycle can get some rest! This is a multi-million dollar market ( I registered Ez2Sleep.com in order to market such a product once it becomes available. Contact me at info@cybar-cafe.com so that we can do some good business and make lots of money while making the world a better place ( if everyone gets a proper nights sleep the world will definitly be a better and safer place not to mention that this invention may add a few years to everyones life)
cybarcafe, Aug 01 2002

       are you some sort of VC?
xiaolongbao, Aug 01 2002

       Yes, and I predict that within 20 years there will be one of these on nearly every nightstand of the industrialized world.
cybarcafe, Aug 01 2002

       part of me suspects that you are the guy in the green question mark suit i see in those commercials.   

       interesting counterstrike website you have there at cybar-cafe.com...
xiaolongbao, Aug 01 2002

       Watching Teen Species earlier this year, it told how as well as REM, chemicals are released to let the body commence REM, and you've had enough sleep when this chemical has worn off, or something with the same effect. Something to detect this chemical prehaps??
Bugsy, Aug 01 2002

       you know anything about sleep stage detection using a EEG signal? i know about FFT, looking for non stationary method.
a, Sep 21 2002

       I had the Exact same idea; but mine had a Wireless headband (small, rechargeable-litium battery with plastic electrodes, soft nylon type material) that sensed the wearers brainwaves and the base station (clock) could be programmed to wake the user when they would awaken into a fully alert state or alternatively let them sleep if they would wake groggy (alpha wave states, REM sleep, et al).
Melchior, Dec 10 2004

       Also, one very low-tech way to do this (I'm told the Native Americans used this) is to have a glass of water before bed. When you are in a light sleep, you'll notice more that your bladder is full, so that'll trigger you to get up & go at the right time.
sophocles, Dec 11 2004

       Everyone seems to have been working on this idea 4-5 years ago, but I can't find anyone that actually manufactures it.
I would love it.

       Edit: finally baked--thank you, dustsparkle.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 17 2005

       someone finally invented it:   

       Sleeptracker Watch [RETAIL: $149] I am not a morning person. I hate alarm clocks, and my husband risks his life whenever he tries to wake me. This gizmo seemed like my savior. Just strap it on and it monitors my sleep cycle -- via a sensor that measures my movements -- and wakes me when I'm most likely to be alert (there are almost-awake moments when we transition in and out of REM-stage sleep). At the start of a two-week trial run, I entered my bedtime and the time period in which I'd like to get up. I was amazed at how well it worked. For 10 out of the 14 days, I felt refreshed when it beeped me awake. But I still needed an obnoxious alarm clock as a backup, because on the other four days I slept right through the Sleeptracker's nags, which aren't very loud. Still, mornings are much more pleasant now -- for me and my husband. -- Nicole Lee [RATING: 7/10] [ sleeptracker.com ]
cybarcafe, Jun 07 2005


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