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Biotelemetric Mannequins

"More real than real, that's our motto."
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You and the person you like to have in your bed with you (but who doesn't live with you) go to a boutique and get full body measurements taken - and I mean full. With these measurements, the shop then creates for each of you a thin, nearly unnoticeable undergarment and a full sized, precise mannequin of the other person. These you take to your respective homes.

Now, the undergarment is chock full of biotelemetry equipment and the mannequin is full of biosimulation equipment. The suit takes your temperature and all sorts of other readings and transmits them to the mannequin, which then simulates your live body for the other person who can't have you near. The suits would have audio pickups and the mannequins would have small speakers so that you could also whisper sweet things to each other in the night.

centauri, Apr 27 2000

Abyss Creations' "Real Doll" http://www.realdoll.com/
[Adult content] $5000 "realistic" female doll. No animatronics, but "ultra-soft tongue", and they're happy to pick from a preset list of features to resemble a photograph you supply. [jutta, Apr 27 2000]

Sex Scores http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Sex_20scores
Some overlap with this idea [hippo, Apr 27 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Yapple dapple http://www.google.c...%22Yapple+dapple%22
I had no idea "Yapple dapple" was a commonly used expression. You learn something new every day. Thanks, [waugsqueke]. [hippo, Apr 27 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Online Hug http://www.npr.org/...php?storyId=5029132
You can smell this baking. [centauri, Nov 28 2005]


       Teledildonics! <grin> Maybe could start with a Realdoll for the base...
StarChaser, Apr 27 2000

       Well, I wasn't gonna go _there_, but the possibilities really are endless, aren't they?
centauri, Apr 27 2000

       ...and of course it would be trivial to record all the telemetry data to tape to replay later/ sell over the Internet, etc. Just don't press the fast-forward button while you're actually doing anything very intimate with your 'mannequin'.
hippo, Apr 27 2000

       Eep! (cringe)   

       <grin> Centauri, what ELSE were you talking about with all the biotelemetry?
StarChaser, Apr 27 2000

       I was just reacting to the fact that I don't get to snuggle with my sweet-baboo whenever I want.
centauri, Apr 27 2000


       <StarChaser's fiancee is in California, and he is in Florida, for the record,and this would be a really nice thing to have...>
StarChaser, Apr 28 2000, last modified May 24 2000

       I think it's important to be able to record all actions and replay them like hippo says. perhaps using a force feedback technology like what is used for game controllers, you could create a "language" of motion. After a sex session you could save the motion parameters and routines to disc, exchange them with friends, make modifications (randomize), etc.
mutilato, Apr 24 2001

       Another TV programme I've never watched. One day though that piece of trivia will win me "Who wants to be a millionaire?" or other similar competition.
hippo, Apr 24 2001

       I've never watched "Mork and Mindy" either...
hippo, Apr 24 2001

       eYe w1ll H4xX0r j00r M4nQ anD mAk3 1t B34tZ0r tH4 ph00X 0u+ 0f j00 ROFLUSUXKTHX!2!1!!$1!2!21!
absterge, Apr 24 2001

       erm... absterge... wtf are you on about... please translate into ENGLISH...
RobertKidney, Jul 06 2001

       For what it's worth, RobertKidney, absterge said some silly thing in "leet" speak like "I will hack your mannequin and make it beat the f*** out of you! (Rolling on the floor laufing, you suck, thanks ..." and something else I can't decipher.
jolshefsky, May 21 2003


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