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Remotely Operated Internet Erection

Reach out and touch someone
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Throughout history the porn industry has been an early adopter and disseminator [snicker] of new technology. A new techology ready for porn adoption is haptics or at least tele-motion control.

I propose a mechanical erection apparatus that can be operated remotely over the internet by those so inclined. The apparatus would consist of a rigid member [snicker] attached to an actuator capable of 3 axis control: Pitch, Yaw and linear displacement. Using an input device such as a mouse or joystick the user could remotely control the apparatus while observing the realtime audio/visual feedback on their computer. Real aficionados could purchase the optional waist mounted yoke contraption with force feedback. Independent operators could set up shop anywhere for a minimal investment to have fun and make friends and money.

This would of course be a metered paid service and may not be legal in your locality.

CecilL, Sep 27 2005

Ok, so it's the female of the species... http://www.ananova....ory/sm_1402057.html
[gnomethang, Sep 27 2005]

Snicker http://dictionary.r...om/search?q=snicker
[CecilL, Sep 27 2005]

Snigger http://dictionary.r...om/search?q=snigger
[jurist, Sep 27 2005]

Sniggle http://dictionary.r...earch?r=2&q=sniggle
[jurist, Sep 27 2005]


       The technology is baked and pretty well known to exist (if you subscribe to the more whimsical internet news services).
See Link for details - they nearly got the 'animal' right.
BTW, this is the second of your ideas who's bakedness has been determined with the use of a chicken!
gnomethang, Sep 27 2005

       or as Quagmire would say: DIGGITY DIGGITY DIGGITY   

       ..... funny idea but don't like it.
ixnaum, Sep 27 2005

       [gnomethang] I apoligize if it is indeed baked. I don't think your link really indicates bakedness however - internet motion control with tactile feedback is certainly baked but the particulars, which "wider significance" does not fully address, are wide open. I'm not well versed in whimisical news services and there is a lot of noise in googling anything porn. What is the other chicken- baked item?   

       [ixnaum] I don't like this idea either - it's grotesque, yet plausible. I won't post an idea that I'd realistically plan to develop or be associated with.
CecilL, Sep 27 2005

       I think the word you are looking for is 'snigger' [CecilL]. A 'snicker' is a candy bar.   

       //I won't post an idea that I'd realistically ... or be associated with.//   

       Too late
Susan, Sep 27 2005

       snick·er intr.v. To utter a partly stifled laugh: “I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker” (T.S. Eliot).   

       See Link
CecilL, Sep 27 2005

       //What is the other chicken- baked item?//
The Real Life Frogger Game.
gnomethang, Sep 27 2005

       edit: giggidy.
daseva, Sep 27 2005

       Cool! When in a movie theater:
Please do not eat that snicker.
Why? I'm allowed to snicker aren't I?!
Susan, Sep 28 2005

       Yeah, but even before that, I knew I shouldn't annotate this one.
neelandan, Sep 30 2005


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