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Please exuse the abhorrent immaturity of this idea.
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This idea seems eventual. Why not have a screen made of flexible LED that can indent and form orifices in the screen for tactile feedback?

[marked-for-expiry] gross out idea/humor

daseva, Nov 08 2007


       If this was taken to it's logical conclusion, this is going to require some new video and programming standards.
normzone, Nov 08 2007

       Why would this be like a television at all? Why would you want it respond to remote broadcasts, rather than offer interaction? Why isn't this just a kind of washable, soft-skinned robot? If you want to eroticize existing television content, why would the content providers go along with that? If they wanted to sell porn and sex toys, surely they'd do that separately from their main broadcasting business, so as not to alienate their non-adolescent-boy audiences? And then, it wouldn't be broadcasting, it would just be software for these soft-skinned robots.   

       Hang on - I've just run out of question marks! I've still got a few of these!! left, though!!!
pertinax, Nov 09 2007

       total immersion television
wjt, Nov 09 2007


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