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Birthday Present Web-a-thon

"Just what I wanted!"
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I want a 30-06 for my upcoming birthday so, being a man, I'll be buying it for myself. I could tell my wife I want it and she could go through the hassle of buying it for me (with my money) waiting 10 days and filling out the forms saying she's buying it for herself, then risk going to jail for buying a gun under false pretences since it's actually for me.

Or, I could just put up a web page at theperfectpresent.com that shows a big picture of the rifle (or any other desired present) and an entry section where people can put how much they want to buy into the present along with their name. If someone puts in $40, a vertical highlight bar with the donator's name on it appears across the percentage of the present's picture that matches the percentage of the gift that money has paid for. So for a $400 present, the highlighted bit would cover 10% of the picture. The more you buy into the present, the bigger your name is. Shameful low donators will have their names all squishy and small while generous big donors will have their names wide tall and proud for all to see.

When the picture is covered with donation bars, you have enough money to buy your present.

doctorremulac3, Mar 15 2012


       This is actually pretty good. [+] Perhaps also an inverted version where you create the list of names to whom you've sent the link and the less money they commit, the larger their names are for all to see - those tightasses.
AusCan531, Mar 15 2012

       This is sort of an inversion of the @maz0n wishlist. Instead of choosing to buy you a gift from your list of pre-selected items, I can choose from a table of pre-selected amounts. It would be fun to include an automatic conversion function, so I can give my gift in the form of Lira or Dong. Here's 100,000,000 Drachma towards the purchase of your next bun.
Alterother, Mar 15 2012

       In more gun friendly states your wife could just go to a gun show and purchase one with cash, no questions asked.
DIYMatt, Mar 15 2012

       In Maine we have 'Uncle Henry's Swap and Sell Weekly', in which you can buy or sell literally anything. I know two people who've bought houses through it, and for a while the Town of Appleton was advertising a "used municipal water tower" for $180K. But I digress. There's a whole section for firearms, the private sales of which are unregulated here, but almost everyone selling a gun asks for a Maine ID and won't sell to out-of-staters. On the other hand, sales at gun shows require the so-called 'instant BRC'. I mention this because Maine is pretty much the definitive gun-friendly state.
Alterother, Mar 15 2012


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