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Bit of an odd one

I know this isn't what the bakery is for, but it is the Halfbakery section.
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Anyone in Boston willing to put me up for about a week at the end of March? I will be in the area helping out at a rather large gaming/nerdy convention type thing run by the people from Penny Arcade ( a very large and popular webcomic ).
Living, as I do, in England this is already going to cost me a reasonable amount to come over, and whilst it will be like some sort of weird holiday, I am essentially paying to volunteer at this massive shindig.
I'm not saying that I am not more than happy to make a monetary contribution to stay somewhere, I would just rather not shell out the sort of rates required for a hotel.
If you would be happy to help out a wonderfully charming, cheerful, really lovely young British lad, that would be much appreciated, send an e-mail to KieranGee at ymail dot com.

( Dear [Jutta] I shall remove this idea rather swiftly if it is not well received, or if you say so ).
kaz, Jan 07 2010

The only way to travel... http://www.couchsurfing.org/index.html
good luck and let me know [blissmiss, Jan 07 2010]


       some sort of mini half con would be kinda cool, don't know just how tired I will be from running around. There is the possibility of room sharing with fellow volunteers, but it is still early days organisation wise.
kaz, Jan 07 2010

       Don't you couch surf? If not, I'll post a link. If I were still on the East Coast I would gladly have you, but alas, now I'm on the other. The west one. You know, like in San Fransisco.
blissmiss, Jan 07 2010

       Tis the thought that counts [blissmiss], cheers. My Aunt lives in the San Francisco area, so if the convention were there I would be sorted.
kaz, Jan 07 2010

       [blissmiss] Are you now bi-coastal? Or have the sunset views of the western shores inveigled you to the correct coast?
csea, Jan 07 2010

       I've moved my heart, my soul and the rest of me to San Fransisco. As it should be. No more cold, no more.
blissmiss, Jan 07 2010

       I just moved here this Monday. My friend from Connecticut and her mom are here, and they needed a nurse. I came, and now I'm staying.
blissmiss, Jan 07 2010

       Brava! I'm currently in the extreme NW coast - San Juan Islands, almost [canuck] and [2fries] land, but will be back soon.   

       Don't forget to invite [jutta].
csea, Jan 07 2010


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