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Buns to Bones Counter

A counter that would show the gross number of buns or bones
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They should put a counter on the main page of halfbakery.

ex: Today:9,492 fishones more than buns give out. Maybe make it like a semicircle analog meter. Underneath it could have a quip based on how good or bad the ideas for the last day or week were.

triplenine, Jan 10 2005

HB: Halfbakery Industrial Average Halfbakery_20Industrial_20Average
[Laughs Last, Jan 10 2005]

HB mood HB_20_27Mood_27
Redundant twice then? [ato_de, Jan 10 2005]


       this isn't your worst idea.
neilp, Jan 10 2005

       and the frigde straw isnt yours...
triplenine, Jan 10 2005

       Interesting idea. Plot a rolling graph of croissants-fishbones given and you have a fairly simple indicator of halfbakery 'mood'.
st3f, Jan 10 2005

       Would be interesting. Would also lead to trolls voting purely to move the meter one way or the other.
david_scothern, Jan 11 2005

       I like it. I'd also like some sort of rolling best list--the ten most croissanted of the past week, of the past month, etc. And I'd like an anonymous bar-chart of how all bakers are voting, individually. So everyone can see the trolls (and the Pollyannas). Oh! there's so much I want! I'll have to make a list...
pluterday, Jan 11 2005


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