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"Try your luck again son, yer just a spare away from winning yourself this here enormous stuffed Unicorn fer yer little lady."
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Muttering, "I know this damn thing is rigged." under you breath, you reach for your second ball. A quick three step and the ball is released to climb the gradually sloping lane to the crest some fifteen feet overhead.

ClakClakClak Clak Clak Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack clack clack clack clack clack clack.............................clac. As the ball ascends it crosses the beams of many electronic eyes which cause a derailing gutter to snap into place the instant the ball has passed as a precaution in case the ball was not thrown hard enough, too hard and a weight sensor at the apex would snap a gutter down in front of the ball, stopping the attempt but allowing for a free throw.
The carnie must have heard you though because he starts in on you with, "The laws of physics don't lie son, if you was going to get a strike on a normal lane you'da got a strike on this one." "Bowled the first one myself to show you didn't I?"

The fact that the carnie had effortlessly made a strike with his first ball doesn't take away any of the wallet sting caused by the twenty bucks you've already blown on this piece of crap game.
The first ball hadn't even made it past the corkscrew and while the second third and fourth attempts had made it as far as the double loop, the fact is that, so far all of your balls have gutterballed their way to the parachute drop, the Ferris wheel and the drop of doom respectively, but this "is" your third date with Darlene and you know that if you could just get her this unicorn the stars would align, blouse buttons would open, panties would evaporate into thin air and all would be right with the world.
Daydreaming about evaporation has almost caused you to miss the ball coming out of the second loop and heading for the final climb before...taking the exact same line as your last shot and not knocking down a damn thing.

"Tough luck kid." the carnie states with a sly grin as he casts a knowing glance at your date, "One more shot and you got it, I just know it." "Whadaya say sport?"

We're getting closer. http://imgur.com/gallery/M804P5j
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 12 2015]


       I'd give it a go fer a stuffed plush tooy.+
skinflaps, Oct 28 2005

       Unless you are in Tooys-R-us, it's the most fun you can have with some one elses shoes on.   

       So not about Bowler Hats then? Disappointing!
DrBob, Dec 13 2015


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