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BlackHole Pairs

Look for innies and outies, btw what is the ratio of innies to outies, with bellybuttons?
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This linked article says that bigger and newer galaxies are more structured -- more spirally -- and i was thinking that since the first thing that it makes you think of is a drain, that that means that they probably are some kind of drains. And if they start off all chaos-sy and gradually get more structured this is because the black holes at the centers are sucking all the stuff in. And it made me think of each galaxy as like a piece of shattered glass -- if the glass was all bubbly and uneven, because the differences in the way the galaxies started out could be due to that they started to coalesce at different times, due to the speed of the expansion of the universe at that location, or due to variations in the basic laws like gravity in that area. But it made me think really generally of the "moment" when everything just all of the sudden was, and some of the stuff had to decide, "well, I'm on this guy's side or I'm on that guy's side", and why the different stuff must have made that decision... Well it must have been because of something about the basic laws -- the distances and the forces and how many of the areas there were, but also because there were all of the sudden these tendencies toward failure at the center of these coalescences, which turned into black holes, and that if the tendencies were the first differentiation, and they must have been based on something, and the number of them that there were might be one of the few things that they could be based on that wouldn't be arbitrary, then maybe there would have been a number of them that made some kinf of sense -- that related them to each other. So maybe we should be looking for black hole pairs. I mean maybe if galaxies, or the tendencies that become black holes at the center of them, are the largest and first structures then they are like stitches in that they tie something to something else, which would also be a really basic concept, and if they are like stitches then some of them would be innies and some of them would be outies, so maybe we should be comparing the black holes at the centers of galaxies to each other for lots of different variables to see if some of them are innies and some of them outies -- if there is any kind of pairing going on.
JesusHChrist, Oct 20 2012

Article http://phys.org/new...volution-video.html
[JesusHChrist, Oct 20 2012]


       wait, what?
Voice, Oct 20 2012

       I think he's proposing the existence of some kind of macroscopic supersymmetry.
Alterother, Oct 21 2012

       // i was thinking that since the first thing that it makes you think of is a drain, that that means that they probably are some kind of drains.//   

       One small step for correlation, one giant leap for causation.   

       (The mountains near Yellowstone were called, by the French fur trappers who were the first Europeans to encounter them, the Grand Tetons. Does this mean that they probably are giant mammary glands?)
lurch, Oct 21 2012

       A nice-looking tidy galaxy is all down to writing a good, clear specification and then close liason with the contractors. Sloppy, badly made galaxies are just the result of poor control, and all too often corners being cut for minor budgetary savings.
8th of 7, Oct 21 2012

       This is not such a stupid idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2012

       No, not stupid, but rather poorly illuminated. I've made most of a head and at least half a tail of it, and it seems to be a very interesting macromodel of some of the latest discoveries in supersymmetry theory, like the Georgi- Dimopolous Standard Theory played out at 100 million TeV. Think the search for a Higgs boson the size of Jupiter.
Alterother, Oct 21 2012

       // a Higgs boson the size of Jupiter //   

       Not terribly difficult to spot, then … ?
8th of 7, Oct 21 2012

       Only if you believe it exists...
Alterother, Oct 21 2012


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