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Chain Gang Survey

First you scratch my back, then if you do it well someone will scratch yours - that kind of survey
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Everybody has a survey question they want an answer to.

Most really don't want to fill out a survey, or they don't fit the profile the researcher has specified.

( Mech Turk will pay you a few cents to fill out surveys, but they do not pay well. And paying for survey data raises doubts. )

A shabby compromise would be:

You go to downtown mall storefront or ( a web site ). You have a groundbreaking important survey (and no funding). You enter your survey question(s) in the computer provided.

In order to activate your survey you input your height, weight, shoe size and so forth until the computer volunteers that you are qualified to answer questions in someone else's survey. You do several dozen of these surveys, and eventually your survey becomes eligible for others to answer. And the staff brings you a snack, and asks how you feel, and would you mind if we took a hair and blood sample. You run screaming into the night. Someone checks a box.

And the next person with a groundbreaking important survey (and no funding) enters, and the chain gang takes a step forward.

popbottle, May 23 2017

Provoking entry OpenSurvey
Everybody has a survey. Let's open a store. [popbottle, May 23 2017]


       I think that surveys show that mostly dissatisfied people will be the ones who take the surveys!
xandram, May 24 2017

       Surveys show that the people who set survey questions, are also the best at fabricating fake results and providing misleading answers to other people's surveys.
pocmloc, May 24 2017


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