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Black Hole Donut and Bagel Machine

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First, find that immovable object that is struck by an unstoppable force, then attach a microscopic black hole to it, assuming that the unstoppable force has already continued onward and cannot harry your operations. Second, construct a machine which manufactures donuts and bagels around the immovable object, using the balck hole to remove the centers. When the black hole begins to expand, remove it and sell it to someone who really loves bagel bites and donut holes, so much that they wish to become a singularity along with them.

Production might be slow, as there may or may not be time around the black hole.

notmarkflynn, Mar 12 2007


       I started this bandwagon, so I'm going to keep it going! [+] they seem to get ever more creative as time slowly goes on.... okay, sick of them after this one unless the next one is even better!
quantum_flux, Mar 12 2007

       At last - an elegant and sensible use for a black hole. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007

       <nemesis>The black hole in this idea is but an ant compared to the hole that shall be in notmarkflynn, when I get my hands on him. Boo!</nemesis>
dbmag9, Mar 15 2007


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