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Blatantly Idiotic.. Yada yada yada 2022

You know you want to...
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The US will start kidnapping doctors from small-country- istan in a bid to keep its hospitals staffed.

Tim Scott will announce his candidacy for President for 2023, but then realize too late that he's declared for the wrong year.

Boris Johnson will be revealed as Donald's schizophrentic second personality that happens when his hair falls down.

Lab scientists will create and observe Omicron duking it out in a Petri dish with Delta and choose sides. Personified, muscle- bound greek letters will serve as team mascots for the Petri- Bowl as it will come to be known. Guacamole sales will skyrocket, but another variant found in the guacamole will spell doom for us all.

RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2021

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (BUD) (owns Corona Beer) https://finance.yah...eAdjustedClose=true
Stock price over time [Voice, Dec 29 2021]

US alcohol sales over time https://pubs.niaaa....vid-19/COVSALES.htm
[Voice, Feb 02 2022]


       The Biden administration will be sued by the Better Business Bureau for pointlessly destroying their trademark
theircompetitor, Dec 26 2021

       Meanwhile, Joe Manchin will slink away into a private accounting practice.
RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2021

       AOC will advocate for radically expanding the Supreme Court after their blatant refusal to consider an appeal of Newton's Laws of Motion
theircompetitor, Dec 26 2021

       Betty White will reveal herself to be the world's first android when she mistakenly vocalizes her battery status charge as 70% due to a hardwired function.   

       The James Webb Telescope will open up to see an alien watching porn on its spaceship viewscreen as its first image. Let's face it, long treks through space are dull, even for faster-than-light aliens.
RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2021

theircompetitor, Dec 26 2021

       Hurricanes will now be named after porn stars and viruses will be named after politicians.   

       Foods will need new categories like real ingredients , partly real ingredients , more than 50% chemicals. This will help folks who must stand in the grocery aisles reading all ingredients.(me)
xandram, Dec 26 2021

       I'm beginning to sympathise with what [xandram] said, mostly because I've just reached the age when I have to bring my reading glasses when I go shopping.
pertinax, Dec 26 2021

       Canada will annex California. There will be much rejoicing. A new species of orange will satisfy 100% of the daily value of six different nutrients. The US Congress will announce a new concept: permanent copyright/trademark privileges, only available for companies with names starting in D. The Vatican will start selling indulgences again, but only for petty crimes.
Voice, Dec 27 2021

       [pert] and that too. Maybe food packing need larger print or braille options!
xandram, Dec 27 2021

       //braille options//
Now that's clever, as the ingredients list wouldn't take up "valuable" label space. (Although, my fingertips don't seem to be sensitive enough to read Braille...)
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 27 2021

       Any idea how large Braille books are?
RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2021

       Actually no, I hadn’t until I looked it up! Thanks.
xandram, Dec 28 2021

       I predict that I will start posting ideas here again, because blissmiss emailed me and kindly asked me to come back.
xenzag, Dec 28 2021

       [xenzag] please do! I miss you and your halfbaked ideas!
xandram, Dec 28 2021

       //permanent copyright/trademark privileges, only available for companies with names starting in D//   

       To compete with Delta, name changes create Damerican Dairlines and Dunited...
bs0u0155, Dec 28 2021

       The CDC, in their infinite wisdom, after realizing that the next deadly C19 variant lines up with the letter T will christen it Trump. It will change its spots daily and prove to be the most deadliest variant yet with no known defense. From then on viewers will be even less certain they know what is being said on the news.
whatrock, Dec 28 2021

       of late I've been getting some [mfd] naming pushback, which is why I have not posted this, but it's entirely obvious that new variants should revert to origin and use famous beer brands.
theircompetitor, Dec 28 2021

       [theircompetitor]; I saw a photo (late last year, IIRC) of a supermarket beer shelf; empty, except for all the Corona brand. Some people are really stupid.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 28 2021

       Welcome to Planet Earth where thinking for one's elf is not recommended and will soon be outlawed entirely.
whatrock, Dec 28 2021

       Why, is Corona any better than Milwaukee's Best?
RayfordSteele, Dec 28 2021

       1. In no way did I speak nicely to xen. He/she was paid handsomely to return.   

       2. I also paid myself to come back and stay. I can't leave now, I'll stay till the bitter end. I'm not one to jump ship.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2021

       Rayford, Can we make it we toss those nasty political twinners to some unsuspecting desert island? PLEASE
blissmiss, Dec 29 2021

       Make it an island that will be lost due to climate change, and you've got a deal.
RayfordSteele, Dec 29 2021

       //Some people are really stupid//   

       While this may be true, those people are heavily outnumbered by people who are distracted, angry, tired, scared, stressed, despairing, etc., and who do stupid things for those reasons, but are not really stupid in themselves; rather, they are us on a bad day.
pertinax, Dec 29 2021

       //a supermarket beer shelf; empty, except for all the Corona brand.//   

       This could either be the name becoming unfashionable or the stock clerk playing a prank. People being afraid of the brand is one of the least likely explanations.
Voice, Dec 29 2021

       //Canada will annex California. There will be much rejoicing.//   

       Are you implying that process hadn't already reached completion? I guess paperwork really is a bitch!   

       Obviously sending wave after wave of squatters was key in pulling off a bloodless coup, and here you thought those Canadian actors, writers, directors, musicians, hockey players et al were simply going there for the work? Sorry, our successful takeover comes as a direct result of all that innate Canadian politeness.   

       Thanks, eh!
Canuck, Dec 30 2021

       keep it, by all means :)
theircompetitor, Dec 30 2021

       Canuck will come back for his annual drop-in visit, to add his predictions for the blatantly idiotic year, soon to be called 2022, Amen. Thank you, Canuck, you have made my year. The one that is just making its exit. Whhhhaaa hoooo.
blissmiss, Dec 31 2021

       Anunnaki return to claim what they feel is their possession.   


Stockholm syndrome fire-drills render a majority of humanity susceptible to subjugation.
Individual possessions begin being annexed by the new 'state'.
People clue in and resistance becomes overwhelming leading to a new creative renaissance.

       Wait... sorry, it's not 2024 yet. My bad.   

       spoiler alert   

       Despite the slowly dawning realisation the whole Covid thing & the dangers it poses have been blown out of all proportion most people will continue to wander around wearing masks simply because they're too embarrassed to admit they were wrong & how silly they've been to succumb to mass hysteria & popular moral panic so completely.   

       Governments everywhere rejoice in this embarrassed silence of their populations as it lets them retain many of the sweeping powers they granted themselves during the height of the hysteria, further largely pointless inoculations, self isolation, mask wearing & social compliance will continue to be pushed mostly due to bureaucratic inertia (they don't like changing direction once they've got started, it requires more effort & thought than they're happy with) but also in part, by some, in the vague hope the 'new normal' & thus the new powers that stem from it may become permanent if they can be supported by this past the point of any imagined useful utility just a little longer.
Skewed, Dec 31 2021

       People will get tired of hearing talking points from whiners.   

       In other news, someone needs to reboot Betty White. She crashed during an update.
RayfordSteele, Dec 31 2021

       I predict Betty White will pass gracefully away, as she lived, in 2021. And this will be bigger news than a deadly virus by far. Yay, we ain't lost our sanity yet.
blissmiss, Dec 31 2021

       Psychologists will admit that stock (take other people's inventory) home or stock (foot and hand holds) Syndrome has been a Nordic character trait from the first day Vikings felt icicles on their testicles.   

       The sequestered will emerge from their cloisters and find that frustrated nomads have taken over so-called democratic spaces.
4and20, Jan 02 2022

       //Canuck will come back for his annual drop-in visit//   

       Thanks for noticing, blissmiss. Yer welcome! I'm nothing if not reliable.   

       Oh crap! With this untimely visit have I just blown my reputation all to aitch E double hockey sticks!?! What's a Canucklehead like me to do?   

       I guess I should apologize for the confusion, eh! Sorry.   

       Wait, was that too many apologies? I'm really sorry for being too apologetic, eh.
Canuck, Jan 03 2022

       Ha, I get that all the time. "Shut the fuck up with all the I'm sorries. PLease! It wasn't your damn fault. Stop that."   

       "ok, Canuck. Will do. So sorry sweetie, so sorry. Ooops there I go again. Saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry I said I'm sorry again, my friend....OH NO, NOT THAT AGAIN. OMG, I'M SO SORRY. SHIT, I'LL NEVER EVER TELL YOU THAT I'M SORRY FOR TELLING YOU ANYTHING EVER IN THE FUTURE"   

blissmiss, Jan 05 2022

       If you two need a room I've got one...   

       sorry but, just sayin   

       I'm sorry you little cutey 2 fries. I'll give you a healthy dose of apologies to make up for my bad behavior. hahahaha
blissmiss, Jan 06 2022

       One apology, please.
Voice, Feb 02 2022


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