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Blatantly Intelligent Prediction for 2021

Category could be changed to "Remembrance"
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On March 11, 2021, the HalfBakery will observe the first MaxwellBuchanan Remembrance Day.

That is all.

Note: Contrary to our usual policy, inappropriate annotations to this thread may be deleted without notice.

8th of 7, Oct 10 2020


       Tries to think of an inappropriate annotation to test 8th's resolve as Max laughs in his cloud or wherever he is.
xenzag, Oct 10 2020

       You assume there will be a year 2021; that March will not be cancelled or re-numbered; and the the Halfbakery will be live, and that anyone will log in
pocmloc, Oct 11 2020

       "Who had X for Y?" snowclone memes will be 'so 2020'; but because nobody expects a halfbaked idea this will remain fresh.
reensure, Oct 11 2020

       This space reserved for a prediction to be made later in the year, giving the predictor a better chance of being accurate.
Voice, Oct 11 2020

       Nice try, [Voice], but as we always archive all our threads, and any changes or additions thereto, any subsequent edits will be noted and - if necessary - corrections will be added (and administered).
8th of 7, Oct 11 2020

       Ahhh...I'd bun this a zillion times if I could.
blissmiss, Oct 11 2020

       And to sliding forward a month and a half brings us to April 27 wherein, along with several less notable events, PHD aka [MB] was born.
whatrock, Oct 11 2020

       //assume there will be a year 2021//
I think it will go ahead, but will be known to future generations as "the year without a public gathering".
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 11 2020

       Or maybe, a bit like AD 69, it will be "the year of four presidents", with the present incumbent tweeting "QUALIS ARTIFEX PEREO !!! SAD."
pertinax, Oct 12 2020

       <in the spirit of rememberancing [MB] by applying scientific method>   

       I wonder: was the Covid combined with the cancer what got to [Max] and knocked him out so quickly? We're finding out that a tremendous number of people are having 'long haul' aftereffects of the original illness, and that it appears to be primarily targeting the body's inflammatory and circulatory systems. He wouldn't have known, as the disease was so new. The 'Rona is even more dastardly than we thought.
Sgt Teacup, Oct 12 2020

       Entirely possible. A month previous to [Max] we lost a dear friend who, in addition to a recent injury and sepsis, had "an unknown flu-like ailment". He went from hale and healthy to gone in an abrupt 29 days.
whatrock, Oct 12 2020

       After Legionella was identified, a trawl back through years of stored pathology samples turned up numerous previously unexplained fatalities, so it's entirely possible as [what] points out - but there are vast numbers of these little viruses swilling around, waiting for an opportunity - i.e someone who's already seriously ill.
8th of 7, Oct 12 2020

       I vote that pride month be replaced entirely with Max month. He liked parades, as well as playing with small types all packed together.
4and20, Oct 12 2020

       Like us you mean.
blissmiss, Oct 12 2020


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