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Car(p) Panels

Magnetic Scaled Panels
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Anyone remember those billboards that had silvery fish scales or sequins on them? They moved in the breeze and gave a shimmering effect to the sign. I want those on my car, a Fishmobil! Magnetic panels with small fish-shaped sequins dangle as I drive, giving the illusion of a huge school of fish in the fast lane. Fits any car or truck.
stringstretcher, Nov 05 2003


squeak, Nov 05 2003

       Sweet .. that woud park great next to the grass car Bill Nye drives ... [+]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 05 2003

       make them croissants..
po, Nov 05 2003

       A while back one of the winners of a "recycle your AOL CDs" contest was a woman who covered her Geo Metro with triangular slivers of them, shiny side out. It looked quite like a fish, but the scales didn't move. She estimated her car was covered with 110,000 free hours of AOL.
krelnik, Nov 05 2003

       Carpe diem.   

       Goldmine: Pickup trucks painted with Bass scales and colors...
stringstretcher, Nov 06 2003

       jeez, 16 +s and 1 - with only a few annotations
dickity, Nov 06 2003

       This gets a bun, cuz I get a fish.
Overpanic, Nov 07 2003


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