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A combination soap, shampoo, shaving cream, contact cleaner, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, etc.
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There's a conspiracy out there forcing us to buy hundreds of different cleaners, one for each tiny task in our lives. The time will come when we'll have a different soap for each part of the body (now there's an idea). We can fight back with All-Clean, the everything cleaner. It tastes good as a toothpaste, feels good as a shampoo and is just strong enough to clean those tiny corners of the floor. All-Clean! You'll want it ALL the time.
dredcat7, Mar 05 2001

Dr Bronner's soap http://www.drbronner.com/soaps.html
clean your engine or your teeth. [tenhand, Mar 05 2001, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Yeah, I think there are already too many people ingesting dishwashing liquids.
nick_n_uit, Mar 05 2001

       I once wrote into Proctor & Gamble and suggested that they come up with a soap that cleans away shower scum while you rinse.   

       They told me that they preferred to come up with ideas themselves.
pnewp, Mar 06 2001

       It's a dessert topping! And a floor wax!
StarChaser, Mar 08 2001

       Tangent: the personality of the guy who sells Oxi-Clean on the commercials is, as most inventors are, a deterrent to his own sales. Remember the 2000 Flushes guy who looked like Jack Kevorkian? "Look what I invented!!! And it lasts for up to fooooouuuuuur months!!!" (I think he also showed four fingers, just so you knew what number he meant).
Wes, Mar 08 2001

       y'know, good old fashioned water is the closest thing there is to a universal solvent. With some mild abrasion and enough water, just about anything comes clean. More to the point, toothpaste and shaving cream are absolutely non-essential, especially where the water is florinated (?). Just a bit of soap for those pesky non-polar stuffs (which the abrasion should take care of the minute quantities in your mouth), and you're good to go. I've used regular hand soap to great affect in my hair (ok, so I have *really* greasy hair...), in shaving, on clothes, and on surfaces. It's about getting the right dilution and working quickly while the water is hot.
absterge, Mar 08 2001

       The other oxygen: this is the type of oxygen that they usually bundle with the package. It costs just $9.95 for a 20L vessel, but if you order now we'll give you a whopping 40L for free! And that's on top of the apple corer, and the filleting knife, the Time-Life series books on all the uses of Oxi-Clean.......
Wes, Mar 09 2001

       absterge, are you trying to save money?
iuvare, Mar 09 2001

       Vinegar can be used to clean almost anything, or so my mother thinks. It's particularly good for windows and the inside of fridges. I've also seen it used as a major ingredient of environmentally-friendly toilet cleaner. I'm sure it's good as a shampoo, since it's slightly acid and should match the pH of your scalp. Acidity should also aid it in removing soap scum.   

       However, being acid pretty much disqualifies it as a toothpaste, just as the alkalinity of soap makes it bad for your hair.
pottedstu, Sep 20 2001

       Ivory soap flakes, for all but toothpaste. Ok, toothpaste too. I personally have used them for all of those listed indications, except toothpaste. I can take care of this omission tonight.   

       Bronner's is a little spendy for using to clean the floor.
bungston, Mar 07 2003


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