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Blissbelting neurointerface

blissbelting is a more powerful way to do wireheading that is also better than bionic electrostimulation to restore or augment senses two rotating tubes the diameter of a wireheading wire or tinier deliver neurotransmitters or ions through apertures
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Blissbelting is stimulating the neurons of the pleasure center with neurotransmitters plus ions conveyed with a two tube pump rather than with an electric wire, The diamer of the blissbelt is like that of wireheading wire or much tinier. It also creates a better interface to artificial senses like cochlear implants than an electric wire.

When a person walks on carpet then gets a tiny electric shock it feels completely different than touch or warmth or pressure The nerve output is different than an ordinary sensation

At a diameter similar to a wireheading wire The blissbelt uses the rotation of two tubes to convey specific neurotransmitters or ions to the same neurons that activate the pleasure centers plus gives the specificity of particular neurotransmitters or ions

This approach gives greater spatial specificity as well as the early researchers may use blissbelt apetures at variable spacings to emit activating ions or neurotransmitters to find the optimal mapping of pleasure

Also every bionic sense electrode idea you have heard about from electrostimulated cochleas on is higher resolution with a blissbelt wire than an electrical wire

physiocompatible polymers are also better tolerated Also the blissbelt outer tube could be made from an electrically conductive carbon or polymer if a person wanted to deliver a threshold electric current augmenting the conveyor neurotransmitters

Also it makes a better uploading probe

beanangel, Jun 24 2010

blissbelting image http://biology.wsc....ex.php/Blissbelting
[beanangel, Jun 24 2010]

This should be applied here textorigin
[zeno, Jun 25 2010]


       So, nothing at all to do with domestic disturbances in the [blissmiss] household...Seems like a perfectly good *punchline* gone to waste.
jurist, Jun 24 2010

       I'm assuming that the idea is less easy to understand than the summary, which is as far as I got....[-] until it appears in English.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2010

       //Also it makes a better uploading probe// Hah! Until that last line, I thought you were serious.
mouseposture, Jun 24 2010

       So, your inventing the blissbelt? Also, what [mouseposture] said.
daseva, Jun 24 2010

       In Larry Niven's Known Space stories, a wirehead is someone who has been fitted with an electronic brain implant (called a "droud" in the stories) to stimulate the pleasure centers of their brain.(Wikipedia) Another kind of implant has been proposed, the simple connection of wires to nerves. This could be used to restore or augment senses. I propose a third way to connect a computer to a brain. I call it Blissbelting.   

       Two rotating tubes, each the size of those proposed in the Niven stories or smaller can deliver neurotransmitters or ions through holes in the tubes. Please see my illustration, (blissbelting image)   

       To Blissbelt is to stimulate the neurons of the pleasure center of the brain by pumping in neurotransmitters and ions using this tube pump rather than with electricity transmitted via a wire.   

       The sensation is different and new artificial senses are possible such as the ability to feel the small voltage difference created by walking across a carpet.   

       At a diameter similar to a wireheading wire the blissbelt is a pump that uses the rotation of two tubes to push specific neurotransmitters or ions to the the pleasure center of the brain. This kind of pump allows choice at the pump between different possible (pumpable) neurotransmitters.   

       Spacings between holes in the pump can be changes to stimulate different physical places in the brain. This allows experimenting to find just the right place to inject our pleasure juice (neurotransmitters).   

       Besides being better at simulating the pleasure center of the brain, the very fine mapping that becomes possible with this device will allow a computer to send senses at very high resolution to the brain. A pinprick on a specific part of the user's finger could be simulated, for example, rather than the current proposals' low resolutions.   

       Another benefit is that the polymers that would be used in this device are more compatible with a biological form. furthermore this can be made of carbon to deliver an electrical jolt along with the happy juice.   

       And another: It allows a better connection to artificial organs such as cochlear implants.
Voice, Jun 24 2010

       I think I approve, I think.
blissmiss, Jun 25 2010

       Go ahead and share this bun with [Voice]+
zeno, Jun 25 2010

       ...can't we just do drugs?
xandram, Jun 25 2010

       I keep experiencing neurointerference in trying to read this.
RayfordSteele, Jun 25 2010

       Blissbelting must surly come in patent leather too. Please say it does.
darkspeed, Jun 26 2010

       Alligator, as well...
blissmiss, Jun 26 2010


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