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CAD/Cartoon modesty camera chip

At silicon level it translates a person into a CAD drawing; so a version mounted on your ceiling that diagnoses you medically in the nude can never be hacked to send nudes.
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I think people should be genetically impervious to weather and go nude. That said, 7-8 billion people are not listening to me.

If I tell everybody on earth to go nude in front of a 29 cent camera/smoke alarm in their dwellings so they can get better medical diagnoses some will balk or feel modest.

That's where camera where the camera chip records only vectors (force lines with directions) at the very sensor itself, prior to digitization can be used, basically it can only see outlines and splines. When assembled the vectors make up something that looks like a very detailed CAD drawing of a human body.

You could easily recognize the person from it down to individual hairs on their skin and micromoles, but there is never a photo, a nude.

An alternative to a vector sensor imaging chip is a laser point cloud imaging chip [link]. Basically in these images everything looks like its made out of exploding or caked multicolor powder. But they should be fine for medical diagnoses. Smart CPU (alexa dot, cortana) speakers could comment on things the IoT vector/pointcloud "sees", and uploads to the cloud. AI and software cogitate/compute things and talk to people (and pets!) on their smart speakers.

Seeing how much fun, from 1-11, you are having watching a video, and having alexa suggest you play with your children instead is the kind of thing smart speaker technology could do with imaging in the home. Highly abstract laser point clouds, or a vector-only imaging chip might increase acceptance of being on camera 24 hours a day seven days a week, everywhere.

beanangel, Dec 28 2020

point cloud array laser diode, $1 You only need one, then you scan it; detector is 67 cents. https://www.alibaba...itle.4eff2a10TZsxJK
ALibaba did not go cheap on the Lidar (point cloud) laser diode but I found one for $1 [beanangel, Dec 28 2020]

Society trains the needed normative curve usually because of impulse control https://en.wikipedi.../wiki/The_Naked_Sun
Solaria is a culture with a fear of physical intimacy but no inhibitions in front of 3D conferencing [wjt, Dec 28 2020]




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