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Blood toxicity wristwatch

Wristwatch that can tell you when you have had enough
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You are sitting in a bar and have had a few drinks. You think that the night is young. But you want to check it out first. So you push a small button on you new watch. A tiny nettle pricks in your hand and the watch analyze it then tells you are well under par for your daily dose of alcohol.

You then go happily back to your night of drinking.

toomer34, Aug 21 2005

Google is wonderful, isn't it? http://www.boysstuf...roduct.asp?id=11982
Google "personal alcohol limit tester" [moomintroll, Aug 21 2005]


       Pens, yes, keyrings, yes, watches... er, not seen any in my extensive research (which took all of about twenty seconds). All the ones I found work by you breathing onto them instead of direct blood analysis (which could get unhygienic after repeated tests?), so I guess you have two tenuous claims to originality - but products exist which serve this purpose.
moomintroll, Aug 21 2005

       Your Blood could tell a different story then your breath.   

       Oh and have you ever got a cut on the back of your wrist it doesn’t bleed that much it would be over before you could order a new drink. And there would be some kind of a band-aid like back that could be replaced.   

       Anyone who can read that pen is sober enough for a few more why waste the tech. Why not just right on there "If you can read this, have one more." At least mine would have big bold numbers. For those who cant hold themselves and their liquor.   

       If that sounds defensive it's not.
toomer34, Aug 21 2005

       right on.
po, Aug 21 2005

       Sorry... slight misunderstanding on my part. I thought this thing would tell you if you were safe to drive, but I get the impression it's more along the lines of helping you to pace yourself through the evening. Is that right?   

       //Your blood could tell a different story// that is true, if you've had a drink in, say, the last ten minutes, then the breathalyzer will tend to overestimate your blood alcohol level at that exact point in time. However, the fact is that that drink you just had hasn't yet hit your bloodstream, so the blood tester can't tell you the fact that you're about to get drunker in the very near future. Again, this is more of an issue if you're still thinking about driving home.   

       And as far as the cut goes, I wasn't thinking about the wound. I was thinking about the dirty needle. On reflection this probably isn't an issue - after all, diabetics have self-testing kits which work on this principle, so it's clearly doable. Forget I mentioned it.
moomintroll, Aug 21 2005

       could still be a good idea ay?
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       Tsk tsk, [toomer]. Shamelessly bumping one of your ideas back up to the top.   

       See, you can write well! Good for you! I assume you mean the plant 'nettle', not a misspelling of the word 'needle', a quite different thing.
dbmag9, Jan 28 2006

       oh you Caught me!   

       well it is a cognate   

       hay jutta theres a nother one of my fenetical spellings!
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       Damn good idea to know when you've detoxed enough to take those prescription drugs that say "no alcohol".
Steamboat, Feb 02 2006


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