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Compass Clock

No need to ask directions or the time.
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In one mode, the wrist compass face is rotated to match the compass needle to then see which way your finger is pointing and you are going. In the other mode, the face is adjusted to the north-pointing needle by clockwork to display the time.

Of course, this entails translating “north by northeast” to “almost one o’clock” or dividing the number of degrees by 30.

FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2005


       Let me be first to coin the phrase, "Even a broken compass points north once in a while."
Soterios, Jun 14 2005

       Right, once every revolution.
FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2005

       Interesting. Yes, it is possible to tell direction by aiming the hour hand of a watch at your sun. Equatorway will be inbetween 12 and hour hand, short angle. +
sartep, Jun 15 2005

       "It's East minutes past North"
Ling, Jun 15 2005

       Time, all encompassing.   

       Arrrr, there be a strong nor' by nor' nine o'clockly gale a blowin'.
coprocephalous, Jun 15 2005

       If you are like me, you use google to crush dreams. Fairly baked. [see link] Edit- Oh, I get it now.   

       : )
Night, Jun 15 2005

       [NylonStringer], that's just a watch and a compass in the same case; the idea is something else entirely (as is usual with [FJ]).
angel, Jun 15 2005

       <walks in a large circle for 12 hours> <considers re-reading the directions>
Shz, Jun 15 2005

       What [sartep] said. And that pretty much makes this redundant? (except at night that is(when also clouds block the vieuw of the stars( in which case I want one( damn why is it so hard to bone [farmerjohn]'s ideas?))))
zeno, Jun 15 2005

       Here in the southern hemisphere, the sun has a digital rss display. You don't have that in the north?
not_only_but_also, Jun 15 2005


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