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Wristwatch + Mini Ashtray
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See link.
thumbwax, Nov 02 2003

(?) Wristray http://www.geocitie...mb_wax/wristray.htm
[thumbwax, Oct 05 2004]

like https://www.google....ch+%2B+Mini+Ashtray
This? [popbottle, Oct 28 2014]


       natty shirt you're wearing, thumb.
po, Nov 02 2003

       Thanks - I'm amazed at how the freckles replaced the veins in my hand. Not. Found the shirt on some Dr. Who site, ya wacky pigeon-feeding teletubbie.
thumbwax, Nov 02 2003

       But what if you smoke with the same hand as the one you wear your watch on?
DrCurry, Nov 02 2003

       Darn! Thought this was going to be about a ray gun that attached to one's wrist to shoot pushy salesman.
Klaatu, Nov 03 2003

       I think we did that one already.
DrCurry, Nov 03 2003

       Shouldn't the tray have a finger operated cover to keep the ashes from flying around when you describe things with your hands.
k_sra, Nov 03 2003

       You're thinking of the pocketray.
thumbwax, Nov 04 2003

       Obviously this device needs an electrochemical mechanism to suck the ash from the tray and deliver it to the skin below (like a nicotine patch), thus utilising as much tobaccoly goodness as possible.
benjamin, Nov 04 2003

       Actually, that's been covered by one of the built-in features of this *handy* device. Simply lick the wristray and apply to skin - get that suction thing going on.
The following is an excerpt from a wristray wearer's testimonial:

... it's like kissing a smoker, only the lips are firmer!
thumbwax, Nov 05 2003


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