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Kill-switch Watch

Emergency stop without a wire and with pulse sensor
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This watch should detect if the user is alive and have a pulse, and also make it mandatory to wear it or else the wireless signal stops transmitting its "go" signal.

The fact is that a kill-switch string around your wrist does not make it mandatory to really wear it, simply connect it and leave it hanging.

The watch could transmit its "go" signal by RFID, if there is no pulse, the RFID tag should be disabled, or respond with "no- go". Maybe Bluetooth 4 low power mode could be used instead.

jonasbits, Aug 20 2013

Dead man's switch, kill cord. http://en.wikipedia...switch#Key_switches
Wikipedia article about kill-switch, kill-cord and dead man's switch. [jonasbits, Aug 20 2013]


       If it detects I have died, can I have it clear my browser history?
Cedar Park, Aug 21 2013

       If I understand this correctly, and I'm not all that certain that I do, this is a biometric monitor that straps to the wrist and transmits a distress signal if the wearer's vital signs are compromised.   

       If this is the case, such devices are Fully Baked and Widely Known To Exist.   

       If not, then I don't get it.
Alterother, Aug 21 2013

       Maybe the "go" signal drives the watch and the point of this idea is to establish time of death.
the porpoise, Aug 21 2013

       That would be the perfect gift for the neurotic aging relative who's obsessed with every last detail.
Alterother, Aug 21 2013

       ROTFL but not dead.   

       Seriously, Jonas is talking about an RF signal, that stops the car if the driver inside is without a pulse. Good for old men driving with a 40 years expired license or for Indian Yogis, who do meditation in automatic cars during the red light, and may let go of the brakes accidentally, when levitating.
pashute, Aug 21 2013

       Where exactly does the idea mention a car?
Alterother, Aug 21 2013

       How about a Black Watch kill-swatch?   

       All you'd need is a camera with some basic image recognition and a swatch of tartan, of the Black Watch variety.   

       Just wave the tartan at the camera and it'll do..something.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 22 2013

       This is not that bad an idea, actually.   

       Useful for jetskis, powerboats, motorbikes, snowmobiles.   

       Could have applications in mainline trains and urban light rail systems too.
8th of 7, Aug 23 2013

       8th_of_7 is dead on! The invention is triggered by an terrible accident by powerboat. The "kill-cord" was not activated and why is that?   

       Maybe this watch sensor would have had more adaption by users, and we users love cool tech :-)
jonasbits, Aug 26 2013


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