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Blow Off Valve Horn

Instead of that boring "pshh" sound
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Blow off valves are designed to get rid of the excess pressure a turbo creates when the throttle is closed and the turbo is still spinning. Because all they do is vent the air, they make a "pshh" sound that is appealing to some. I propose routing the excess air through a small, cool sounding, and very annoying air horn for a much louder and neater sound when shifting. It would sound even cooler when the car is already moving (to other drivers and pedestrians) because of the fact that the frequency would change with speed relative to them.

Edit (For [Lt_Frank]): You can also choose to have a small rubber piece fitted at the other side of the tube (like the end of a whopee cushion) to make a farting noise when you lift the throttle or shift.

acurafan07, Jan 27 2007

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       [+] There's another bun here for you if you can get it to play "La Cucaracha."
discontinuuity, Jan 27 2007

       Of course, there's no possibility that petrol-heads would drive in such a way as to operate the waste-gate deliberately, just to show off.
angel, Jan 28 2007

       //Or better still, pump up a cylinder to remove turbo lag for the next time.// Actually, most pressure relief valves re-circulate the air back into the manifold before the turbo for the purpose of keeping it spooled up. Blow off valves are more designed for young boy-racers who think they sound cool.   

       [Lt_Frank], see edit.
acurafan07, Jan 28 2007


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