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Blownose Buddy

Happy kids with clean noses!
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Moms - wish you could help decongest your stuffynosed kid? Dads - wish you could somehow convince junior to blow his nose, not just sniff and wipe? BUNGCO feels your pain. Our researchers have determined that kids do not blow their noses because - they don't know how! Adults blow noses behind a concealing tissue. There is no reason to learn and practice blowing your nose when you are well - until now.

Introducing the Blownose Buddy! This fun plastic toy has two soft rubber nostril plugs, which can be changed to fit nostril sizes from tot to teen. On exhaling vigorously through the nose, an indiciator rises up the side, and their air pressure triggers hilarous antics by the plastic toy character mounted on top. Characters include Chompy the Quoll, Plunko the Platypus, and all the rest of your favorite BUNGCO Pals. The Blownose buddy has a valve which can be turned to exercise one nostril at a time. With the expansion kit, 2 Blownose Buddies can be hooked together, and family members can compete at noseblow powered games and contests.

But the real payoff is a healthy happy kid. At the same time she is having fun, she is learning a valuable skill - how to blow her nose. The Blownose buddy can be fitted with tissues to catch anything that "comes down the pike". When your kid is sick, just get out the Buddy - and when playtime is done, your child will have a clean, secretion free nose. The Blownose Buddy is dishwasher safe!

bungston, May 05 2004


       Yuck. This is snot what i thought it would be.
MikeOliver, May 05 2004

       Disgustingly useful. My most vivid memory of the color green goes back to childhood, when I caught a glimpse up the nostrils of Sally-from-down-the-street.
ldischler, May 05 2004

       Does the name [bungston] come from having these problems as a child?
MikeOliver, May 05 2004

       Haha! +
k_sra, May 05 2004

       Just when you think "plug pops out of nose", a plastic toy character mounted on top does hilarious antics ... I love it.
dpsyplc, May 05 2004

       I also didn't know how to smell flowers when I was, like, 6 years old. I would exhale instead of inhale. Could you make a "inhale flower buddy?" too?
phundug, May 05 2004

       Reminds me of lostdog's Sneeze Balloons above - another goody.
FarmerJohn, May 05 2004

       My mom used to have a little hand pump she'd stick up my nose for the purpose--I believe it was made expressly for excavating young nostrils. Not fun.
Eugene, May 05 2004

       Thought that the title was Brownnose Buddy for a second there... I think it would probably still work.
Lacus Trasumenus, May 05 2004

       Wonderful idea. Needs a better name though, some sort of characterization, along the lines of Bob the Blower or BlowBob NosePants or something.   

       Hey wait. Nose pants... hmm.
waugsqueke, May 05 2004

       [Zanzibar], it may be that your kid is the next step in human evolution. Be proud!
bungston, May 06 2004

       "as a valve which can be turned to exercise one nostril at a time" - wouldn't there be a risk of the user overdeveloping their nostrils?
proto13, May 06 2004

       Yeah, you need this because it's no longer legal to give children a plastic bag to play with. +
sartep, May 06 2004

       Okay, I've given up, I can't do anything with "nose pants". Thinkin' maybe Farmer John, maybe this is one for you. Whuddya think.. what do you got for "nose pants"? Ya know, if you're up for it. I remember you really ran with the peeing ghost clock thing.
waugsqueke, May 06 2004

       Maybe [po] has something. Didnt she do "nipple pants" a while back?
bungston, May 07 2004

       Hmm, nose pants ... nose pants ... like to hang on your nose to stop people looking up your nostrils? Or maybe with tiny, wet, panting tongues to cool off a warm nose? Ah, nose and nipple pants ... a realistic lower leg for keeping horny dogs happier.
FarmerJohn, May 07 2004

       <obligatory misreading> I misread this as "Brownnose Buddy" - someone at work with whom you share a pact to enthusiastically compliment each others' ideas in meetings. </obligatory misreading>
hippo, May 07 2004


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