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For the curious
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A device resembling a weird hybrid of a pair of night-vision goggles and an otoscope ( q.v.) which allows the wearer to see up their own nostrils.

The device has a single repositionable probe which deliver a stereoscopic image of one nostril at a time.

8th of 7, Dec 04 2009

Nostrilampus one of my first ideas on Bakery..... and a good companion to this. Everyone needs both devices. [xenzag, Dec 05 2009]


       Sp. fixed
8th of 7, Dec 04 2009

       can I just use yours?
Sparkyplugclean, Dec 05 2009

       A flexible fibre-optic extension with ports for suction and grasping instruments would make this more useful. Sell with a tube of remicaine jelly though. +
shudderprose, Dec 05 2009

       Oh yes!   

       Reminds me of that CCTV system which lets you see inside your mouth at the dentist.
nineteenthly, Dec 05 2009

       From the title I thought this would be a small camera attached to a rhino's horn when they are tagged.   

       //with ports for suction and grasping instruments// With this, a really obsessive nose-picker could get clear back to the pineal gland. Ewww.
mouseposture, Dec 06 2009

       //with ports for suction and grasping instruments//   

       That's the DeLuxe model. Comes in a handsome genuine simulated plastic-effect case along with a copy of "The I-Spy Book Of Bogies" and an easy-clean dishwasher-safe mucus collector.
8th of 7, Dec 07 2009

       Can you also smell your eyes?
leinypoo13, Dec 07 2009

       Only if you buy the Super DeLuxe version with patented EyeSniff technology and Opto-olfactory redirector.   

       Or Buy the Pro version and you can sniff your ears, Listen to your eyes,and look up your nose all at once. The sensory treat of a lifetime.
8th of 7, Dec 07 2009


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