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antibody based tooth whitener

link antibodies to something white, then have them glom onto just teeth, painting the teeth white
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antibodies (and the active glomming part known as aptamers) preferentially attach to various proteins and chemicals.

Linking one side of an antibody to white material, and the glomming area to tooth surface chemicals causes white material to accumulate on the teeth with a new toothpaste.

This combination gradually causes the teeth to be reversibly painted white, resulting in a whiter smile. 

There is also the possibility that milk proteins or peptides, and even (vaguely) ion exchange resins could be used instead of expensive antibodies. I think antibodies might be a go at the dentists office though.

(another three GSK ideas a day production)

beanangel, Dec 24 2017

Glaxo smith kline is soliciting consumer products ideas https://innovation....deas/submit-an-idea
[beanangel, Dec 24 2017]


       If antibodies can grip the surface of teeth then that suggests that it might be possible to vaccinate against tooth formation.   

       I have no idea why anyone might want to do this.
Wrongfellow, Dec 24 2017

       Strictly speaking, aptamers are not the business ends of antibodies. The binding portions of antibodies are sometimes known as CDRs (complementarity determining regions); mini-antibodies can be made which contain only these portions plus a minimal scaffold (this was the basis of the company Domantis).   

       Aptamers are normally DNA, RNA or modified DNA/RNA, selected to have specificities similar to antibodies. Aptamers can also be peptides, but this is an unusual use of the word. Aptamers typically have lower affinities and higher off-rates than antibodies.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2017

       A new type of furry feeling.
wjt, Dec 25 2017

       Does the word "glom" lose its savour on the bedpost overnight?
pertinax, Dec 26 2017


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