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Bluetooth Deck

A Bluetooth car deck
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Imagine getting into your car with your PDA, or laptop and being able to interface with your car. Use speaker phone thought your car's speakers and built in mic on the deck, transfer songs from your laptop to your deck, even udate your GPS software using GPRS form your phone. Why stop there? With your new Bluetooth deck, interface with your buddies and exchange songs, videos, pictures, even have syncronize your GPS program so both of you can take the same route. THAT'S NOT ALL! The detachable face plate is a working Bluetooth media player. Plug in an external USB or Firewire harddrive and use it with 7.1 Bluetooth home entertainment speakers.
Rudical, Feb 04 2004


       This is what those bogus XM takeaways SHOULD be like!
xylene, Feb 04 2004

       The part about the phone using the car stereo speakers automagically over Bluetooth is baked. Daimler-Chrysler calls it "UConnect" and other auto manufacturers are doing similar things.
krelnik, Feb 04 2004


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